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10 Reasons Female Footballers Prefer Watching Men’s Football

by Thomaz Oseghale
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10 Reasons Female Footballers Prefer Watching Men's Football

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Football is a sport that transcends gender boundaries, attracting fans from all walks of life. While many female footballers enjoy watching both men’s and women’s football, there are some who have a preference for men’s football.

In this article, we will explore 10 reasons why female footballers may prefer watching men’s football.

1. High Level of Skill and Technique

Men’s football has historically received more investment and attention, leading to a higher level of skill and technique. Female footballers may appreciate the precision and athleticism displayed by male players, which can make the game more exciting to watch.

2. Faster Pace and Physicality

Men’s football is often known for its faster pace and physicality. This can create a more intense and thrilling viewing experience for female footballers who enjoy the speed and physical challenges of the game.

3. Global Popularity and Coverage

Men’s football has a larger global following and receives greater media coverage compared to women’s football. This widespread popularity can make it easier for female footballers to engage with the sport, access match updates, and connect with other footballers.

4. Historical Legacy

Men’s football has a rich historical legacy that spans decades. Female footballers may appreciate the tradition and heritage associated with men’s football, as well as the iconic moments and legendary players that have shaped the sport.

5. Competitive and Prestigious Tournaments

Men’s football boasts prestigious tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Champions League. These high-stakes competitions attract the best players from around the world and offer thrilling matches that captivate the attention of female footballers.

6. Role Models and Idols

As men’s football has received more exposure and recognition, it has produced a larger pool of well-known players who serve as role models and idols. Female footballers may find inspiration in the skill, dedication, and success of these male players.

7. Tactical Complexity

Men’s football is often praised for its tactical complexity, with teams employing various formations, strategies, and styles of play. Female footballers who enjoy analyzing the game and understanding the intricacies of different tactics may find men’s football more intellectually stimulating.

8. Larger Fan Communities

Due to its global popularity, men’s football attracts a larger fanbase and community. Female footballers may enjoy being part of these larger communities, engaging in discussions, and sharing their passion for the sport with a wider audience.

9. Accessible Role Models

While women’s football has made significant strides, the lack of visibility and exposure can make it harder for female footballers to connect with female players as role models. Men’s football, on the other hand, offers a wide range of accessible role models that female footballers can look up to.

10. Cultural and Social Factors

There are cultural and social factors that influence the preference for men’s football among female footballers. In some societies, men’s football has traditionally been more widely promoted and celebrated, leading to a greater familiarity and affinity for the sport.


While many female footballers enjoy watching both men’s and women’s football, there are several reasons why some may have a preference for men’s football. From the high level of skill and technique to the larger fan communities and historical legacy, men’s football offers an array of factors that can make it an appealing choice for female footballers.

It is important to note that these preferences are subjective and can vary from individual to individual. Ultimately, the love for football should be celebrated regardless of the gender of the players on the field.


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