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6 Warzone 2.0 Tips & Tricks to immediately Play Better


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6 Warzone 2.0 Tips & Tricks to immediately Play Better

COD: Warzone 2.0 is taking the frontlines in the battle royale games due to its amazing graphics, game development, maps, character design, and storylines. Once you land on the AL Mazrah map, you’ll understand the difference between Warzone 2.0 and every battle royale out there.

With a tough Stronghold, AI enemies, and aggressive opponents, every player needs strategies to play better. So, we’ve noted some tips and tricks to make Warzone 2.0 less overwhelming. 

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That said, let’s check the vital tips and tricks below.

Tips and Tricks for 6 Warzone 2.0

  1. Grasp everything about the map 

The new Al Mazrah map is where players drop in to explore and fight against each other. With 18 latest points of interest, you have high opportunities to loot and collect valuables in the game. Since this map has many new modifications and additions, like water combat choices and an unknown gulag, you need to master them.

A trick that can help you learn faster is dropping in different areas whenever you jump off that plane. Take your time to discover vantage points and perfect drop areas. It’ll allow you to explore these new areas and learn their ropes. 

  1. Know what the game means

The main mode of Warzone 2.0 is the Battle Royale, where solo players or a team of four jumps into a map and fights to be the last survivor. Whether you fight alone or with a team, the only way to win is by being the last person alive.

 Interestingly, this battle takes place on the vast Al Mazrah map. Players without map knowledge would lag. But since you know your way around the map, simply plan your drop and come along with the appropriate loadout. 

  1. Take a bigger backpack.

Unlike in the first version of Warzone, where you have some slots for certain gear, the backpacks in Warzone 2.0 are very different. You can carry as much stuff as you want. 

If you take a big backpack, you can store up to 13+ armor plates, gas masks, Self-Revives, etc. If you’re in a fight and need a Self-Revive or ammo, etc., you can quickly reach your backpack and grab it. You can even have a space for a 3rd weapon.

  1. Follow the circle as it shrinks.

Surviving in Warzone 2.0 involves tactics such as playing in the center of the shrinking map or playing from the edge. Playing from the center can be easier as it allows you to sight incoming players and take them out. However, it can be dangerous because you’ll have more than one opponent running inward to avoid the gas outside the circle.

Play on the edge of the circle to be safer and move inward as it shrinks. You may not even need to look back, as any player outside the circle will die. Focus on opponents ahead, and monitor to know when and where the final circle will appear. 

  1. Learn from your mistakes and try again

If you want to play better in Warzone 2.0, learn, especially from your mistakes. Why did you lose? Which weapon is not perfect? These are some questions you should answer whenever you lose your game. You can avoid such mistakes in your next play if you answer them. 

You can record your gameplay and watch them after each game. It’ll help you find your mistakes easily and correct them. While you’ll die several times, don’t quit; instead, keep trying. 

But don’t just try; always start a new game with new tactics, decisions, equipment, gear, and tricks. You’ll surely find that suitable match for your play style.

  1. Focus on staying alive

While it’s important to play the objective of the game, it’s important to stay alive. Instead of looking for enemy players to take out, spend some time collecting health items. They’ll come in handy in the game. 

Also, if you ever get hit, make sure you take cover first before trying to use your healers. You want to avoid getting a headshot while reaching for your med kit. Additionally, be alert to know when the circles are splitting and where they’re meeting (the final zone). It’ll help you hold your ground in safe spots.


As tough as COD Warzone 2.0 can be, our tips and tricks will help you play the game better in no time. Since you’ll be dropping in the newest and huge map, it’s important to learn the nooks and crannies of the map. 

Also, understand what the game is about and get a backpack containing as much valuable stuff as possible. Follow the circle as it shrinks, and try to stay alive. 

Play Warzone 2.0 with these tips, and you’ll do better than before.

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