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9mobile MoreFlex Plus ~ Code, Call Rate & Data Plan

Today marks 2 months and 2 days that 9mobile moreflex plus call plan was announced to the telecom giant’s subscribers across Nigeria.

9mobile moreflex plus

As our tradition here on Naij Naira, we have tested this plan over the past couple of months and find it to be amazing and worthy of been write about and published on this platform.

Like i used to do, i won’t just tell you the code to migrate to moreflex+ and every other details or information gotten from the telecom company.

I will show you why you need to subscribe to this plan and one of the ways i do that is to use simple mathematics to break down the call rate. With this, you know how long your airtime is going to last while you make a call.

But guess what, i am going to take it a step further this time around. You asking how? Well, i will be comparing the data bundle available with normal ones.

Are you ready? I can hear you chanting Yes. So let’s get to it folks.

9mobile MoreFlex Plus 2020

This plan allows you to make calls to any local and international number at 45 kobo per second. It’s packed with 3 bundles (500, 1000, 2000 Naira) with validity of 7, 14 and 30 days respectively.

This tariff is similar to Xtra Value plan from MTN Nigeria. When i say similar, i mean it offers both airtime and data. Isn’t that interesting? But you probably know about that and there is no point asking you that. Anyways, moving on.

It is not the first of its kind from the telecom company. We previously had moreflex and moreflex evolution. However, they are all great value of money and one of the best 9mobile tariff plan you can subscribe to.

SMS rate is 8 Naira per message and if you decide to browse with your airtime, you will be charged 0.002 Kobo per kilobyte (kb).

You can opt out anytime you want using or by dialing *344*0#.

How to Migrate & Subscription Code

Dial *320# to migrate to moreflex plus.

To buy, dial;

  • 1.) 500 Naira plan gives 500MB + 1000 Naira call credit: Dial *320*1*1# to subscribe
  • 2.) 1000 Naira bundle gives 1.5GB + 2000 Naira airtime: Dial *320*2*1# to buy
  • 3.) 2000 Naira plan gives 3GB + 4000 Naira call credit: To buy, dial *320*3*1#.

Note that you must first migrate to moreflex plus before you can subscribe to the plans above. The migration code has been provided for you above.

Call Rate Calculations & Talktime

As i said earlier, the call rate is 45 kb/sec to any phone number around the world. Here is the talk time you get for each of the bundles.

For 500 Naira Subscription;

You get 500MB and 1000 Naira airtime. We are much more interested in the airtime value right now.

Recall that the call rate is 45 kobo/sec? So let’s do some calculations

If 45 Kobo is used in 1 Second, how much talk time will i get from 1000 Naira airtime?

First, let’s convert 1000 Naira to Kobo.

1 Naira – 100 Kobo

1000 Naira – X Kobo

cross multiply

X = 1000 x 100 / 1 = 100, 000 Kobo.

Great. So 1000 Naira or 100,000 Kobo will gives how much talktime @ 45kb/sec?

45 kobo – 1 Second

100,000 Kobo – X Seconds

X = 100,000 x 1 / 45 = 100,000 / 45 = 2222.2222 Seconds

Let’s convert that minutes.

60 Seconds – 1 Minutes

2222.2222 Seconds – X Minutes

X = 2222.2222 x 1 / 60 = 2222.2222 / 60 = 37.04 minutes = 37 minutes, 2 seconds.

What all the about calculations mean is that when you subscribe to the 500 Naira plan, you will be able to call any number(s) for 37 minutes, 2 seconds

500 Naira Plan Talktime = 37 Minutes : 2 Seconds.

But that’s not the only plan available right?

There is 1000 Naira and 2000 Naira plan. So let’s do their own call rate calculations too.

For 1000 Naira Subscription

You get 1.5GB data and 2000 Naira airtime. Here, we only care about the airtime.

If 1000 Naira airtime gives 37 minutes 2 seconds talktime, what will 2000 Naira give?

Easy! Just multiply by 2.

Our Talktime = 37 minutes, 2 seconds multiply by 2.

Talktime = 74 minutes : 4 seconds.

Cool right?

For 2000 Naira Subscription

You get 3GB and 4000 Naira airtime.

Since 1000 Naira airtime has a talktime of 37 minutes 2 seconds @ 45 kobo per second call rate. 4000 airtime will gives 4X that.

Our Talktime = 37 minutes, 2 seconds x 4.

Talktime = 148 minutes : 8 Seconds.

Comparison with Normal Etisalat / 9mobile Data

1.) N500 MoreFlex+ Bundle: This plan gives 500MB and has a validity of 7 days. Its equivalent on normal 9mobile plan is the weekly 1GB + Social 500 Naira plan with validity of 7 days too.

In my own opinion, i will rather buy the moreflex+ plan to 500MB and 1000 Naira which will give me 37 minutes and 2 seconds on talktime.

2.) N1000 Subscription: This ones gives 1.5GB data volume with validity of 14 days. There is no direct comparison with this but let’s go for the monthly (30 days validity) plan that also gives 1.5GB.

Will you rather buy a monthly plan that gives 1.5GB only or a moreflex+ plan that will give you 1.5GB + 2000 Naira call credit but will last for just 14 days? The ball is in your court.

3.) N2000 Bundle: You will get 3GB of data and 4000 Naira airtime to call any number around the at the rate of 45 kobo per second and last for 30 days. The normal 9mobile data bundle will give you 4.5GB data.

Which one will your rather go for? Let me know in the comment.


  • N500 Plan: 7 Days
  • N1000 Bundle: 14 Days
  • N2000 Subscription: 30 Days

How to Check Balance

Dial *232# to check your balance.

Final Note

As you can see, this is not just one of the best call plan on the 9mobile network but also on any network in Nigeria.

You see the talktime calculation and how it compared to normal data subscriptions from the telecom giant.

Will you subscribing to 9mobile moreflex plus? Tell me why in the comment.

In the mean time, if there is any other call plan from 9mobile or any other Nigerian network that you would like me to break down like this, drop a comment and i will deliver in couple of days.

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