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How to Check Access Bank Account Number – 4 Ways

Do you need to know your access bank account number right away in 2020? Here are the top 4 ways you can do just that.

how to know access bank account number

What identifies a bank account? The answer to that question would be the bank account number before any other thing. Account number is what shows that there is such an account in such a bank.

In making payments (mostly in international payments), the bank account name is not really required, so long as the bank account number is correct the money will be deposited in the right account.

Due to its importance, a lot of Nigerians tend to have their bank account numbers offhand so they can provide it immediately whenever it is required. However, a lot of Nigerians have multiple bank accounts (some even up to and more than 10) and it is would not be very easy to memorize the 10 digits of all of them.

For this reason, there is a need for people to be able to check their bank account numbers. If you bank with Access bank, there are various ways to check your bank account number and one of them is by using a USSD code. To find out what this code is and how to use it, read on.

1.) Code To Check Access Bank Account Number

The code to check your bank account number with access bank is the *901# USSD code and it is very easy to use.

If you are dialing this code for the first time, you will be required to create a USSD PIN for the security of your account. This PIN will be 4 digits in number and you can use any number combination you want provided that you will remember it.

After creating this PIN, follow the below steps to check your account number.

  • Dial the code *901#
  • Select 4 for other services
  • Select 4 for enquiry services
  • Select 3 for account number enquiry

Your bank account number will be displayed on your screen so you can copy it out. This is a very fast method of checking your bank account number if you urgently need it and you do not have it offhand.

Checking your account number can also be achieved by checking your bank account balance with their mobile code.

Dial the code from the phone number linked to your access bank account, select balance enquiry from the USSD menu and enter your PIN to authenticate. Your bank account balance will be displayed along with your bank account number so you can copy it from there. You can as well dial *901*5# directly to check the account balance.

Service Charge

No charges apply when you check your account number with the *901# code. It is a service that is completely free.

Service Limit

You can check your bank account number as many times as you need to, no limit applies.

2.) ATM Card

Of course, you should be aware of this, there are various automated teller machines at different locations you can visit and check your bank account number with your card. It is not mandatory that you should use an Access bank ATM, any ATM that accepts your card type should do.

3.) Access Bank Mobile App

If you had registered on the Access bank mobile app (this is recommended if you use a smartphone) you can easily access the app with your data to check your bank account number. This can be achieved via the app dashboard.

4.) Social Media

Access bank has various social media help accounts that one can simply contact and get help such as to check account numbers. However, the best is the access bank help on Twitter and their WhatsApp banking with 09090901901.

Final Note

As you can see, checking your access bank account number is not very difficult. You can use the USSD code to do so in less than a minute.

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