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Agricultural Business in Nigeria – All you Need

You know that lots of people see agricultural business in Nigeria as majorly farming. That is, the sole act of cultivating varieties of crops like maize, cassava, yam, and other food crops either perennially, biennially, biannually, annually and or permanently.

agricultural business in nigeria

This notion or thought is false and deceiving. Agriculture covers a very large area of life, if not all. It encompasses land and land use, which deals with all the things that the land(soil) habours. Agriculture deals with water, soil, and many other areas like technology, engineering, sciences and medicine.

Agricultural businesses still are one of the most lucrative business in the world. This is true when you consider food processing, packaging, storage and other areas. Think of Golden penny foods, dangote food and various other food companies, rake unimaginable profit from agric products. This is not to talk about the meat aspect, engineering and technology aspect as well as ornamental aspects.

Farming Business in Nigeria 2020

Are you among those who are so much in need of starting one or two of this farming business in Nigeria and you don’t have an idea what to go into? Don’t worry. Today is your lucky day.

You have your answers here, right now. As you read on, I will discuss lots of areas where you will be making pure mouth watering profits from doing any of the agric businesses I will share. But first, let me tell you why you should start any of these agric business in Nigeria.

1.) Food Security

One good thing about this agric business is not just in its lucrative nature but also in the solution to the problem of food scarcity in Nigeria. The ever growing population of Nigeria will always be in need of food. Since the population keeps growing, dont you think it will be a very good advantage for you to solve the problem of food scarcity and also make good money on the process? Think about it.

2.) Land Availability

The nation Nigeria, is blessed with large expanse of land for agriculture. There is land enough for cultivation and rearing of land and see animals. In the north central of Nigeria like Benue, nasarawa and North area of Nigeria is blessed with large area of land that can accommodate crop and animal farming.

3.) Fertile Soil

Nigeria is one of the most nation with the richest soil quality. The soil is good in breeding exotic species crops that wont produce in some other countries. This has made Nigeria one big nation that supply food to neighboring countries.

4.) Government Encourages Agricultural Activities

Over the years, nigeria take pride in the groundnut pyramid which was highly talked about and respected internationally. Benue which is the food basket of the nation produces root and tuber crops in large quantities. Palm production in Enugu and Delta.

Government are ready to grant loan and support agro business in Nigeria. This will be your opportunity to become super relevant to the teaming population of the country and help in nation building. Especially now that borders are shut.

Ideas on Agricultural Business in Nigeria

Now, let’s look at the business opportunities in agriculture

1.) Snailry

Have you ever priced a mature, well prepared snail at a restaurant? It is sold at N1500, for one. Interestingly it doesn’t take anything, capital-wise to start a snail farm. N50,000 to me is much to start a snail farm. All you need to do is get a place, barricade it with wire mesh, to prevent the snail from crawling off.

Buy the quantity and specie you desire, allow them to interact within the space you have provided. Snails don’t feed on thongs that will cost you money. All you need to do is get banana leaves, palm nuts chaff and feed them with it. It does not take time before they get to maturity and you don’t need any special treatment. Just keep the place clean.

2.) Rabbitry

The flesh and meat of rabbit is classified as white meat. This type of meat is very good for all age, especially the aged people. Good thing is that rabbit is very prolific. It can give birth to many young at a time. Feeding them is also very easy. Get milky grasses to feed them.

This farm is not too common therefore you can make good money from it when people get to know that they can always get mature rabbit from you.

3.) Goatry

This deals with rearing goats and sheep from birth to maturity. This meat has a very large market daily, during weekends and festives periods. A very nice specie of goat/sheep can give birth to 5 kids at a time.

A mature goat goes for N15,000 to over N30,000 while for sheep, it’s way more expensive especially during Sallah. Imagine you have like 100 herd of goat and sheep, you know what you will make of you sell them.

4.) Snakery

Are you surprised? Well, it’s not news that people farm snakes. It is lucrative. Maybe you can try this out. I advice you go for proper training so as to know the specie to breed and how to manage and market them.

5.) Intensive Cattle Farm

When it comes to meat consumption in Nigeria, the market of cattle is the highest over the years and still at the top till today. This is because lots of people eat beef.

Going into cattle rearing is very lucrative. There are other products of cattle aside the meat. You can get milk,horns, hides, hoof which you can sell for money.

Talking about cattle rearing here doesn’t mean you should be moving about with them like the herdsmen. No. This deals with getting a space where yob keep them and feed them till maturity. You will love the outcome I tell you.

6.) Poultry

You already know how lucrative kitchen rearing is. I mean which eatry or restaurant in Nigeria that doesn’t sell kitchen? Doing this business is great and much money comes in.

You can either rear them and sell at maturity or get a cold room where you buy the frozen type and sell to restaurants and hotels.

7.) Fish Farm

You will be hearing “point and kill” like it’s a game that people play at the bar. Well, it’s not a game. They refer to fish(catfish). A bottle of cold bear and a plate of catfish will never escape some people daily.

Now, where do you think this fish come from? Some one supplies them. A table size of catfish goes for nothing less than N500, and buyers buy in large quantity, like 50 to 100 pieces at a time. Calculate how much that is. You can stock your pond with plenty of them.

8.) Rice Farm

With the ban placed on the importation of foreign rice(uncle Ben’s), you stand a great chance of making it big in rice farming. The most food consumed in Nigeria is rice, and the government is ready to assist you if you venture into it. Aside the government assisting you, the market is ever ready to buy your product.

9.) Cassava Farm

Casava is very nice and economical. You can process cassava into many products like flour, garri, akpu(showboy/Santana), chips and lots more. This is why this farm is a hot cake in Nigeria.

Currently in Mexico, cassava is being used to generate energy for cars and light. Going this way will help you make good money and solve problems.

10.) Yam

Yam, a tuber crop is enjoyed by Nigerians. It can be pounded and eaten with soup or eaten like that with sauce.

Yam market is also large and lots of people eat it. You can move them from area where they are produced to places where there are scarce and make you money.

Final Word

Agriculture offers wide range of business opportunities that people often look away from, because they feel it’s for the aged. I believe that this post on Agricultural business in Nigeria will change your idea.

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