Airtel 2G Network Plan: Opt Out of 2GB for N200

Good news to all airtel subscriber that are finding it difficult to subscribe to airtel 3GB BIS plan because they can’t completely opt out of airtel 2GB for N200 subscription. Do you remember the airtel cheap data plan that only works on 2G network devices? Once you subscribe to it, you might find it difficult to cancel it and it will block all other subscription from working on the 2g network plan

If you are among those that were unable to use Airtel 3GB BIS for 1000 naira, it is because you haven’t completely de-activate airtel 2GB for n200 2G subscription. The good news is you can now easily cancel the 2G data subscription using the ussd code below.

How to Opt Out of Airtel 2GB for N200 Data Subscription.

  • Dial *482*4#, you will receive invalid request message.
  • Relax, just reply with * then reply with 3. You will then receive “you have cancelled your 2g data subscription”.

Congratulations, you have just opt out of airtel 2G network data subscription. You can now subscribe to Airtel Blackberry Plan and enjoy 3GB on your device with just 1000 naira.

I have tested this on three different airtel sim card and it works flawlessly. However, we will like to know if it works for you. If you were able to opt out of the 2Gb for N200 plan, let’s know if airtel BIS now works for you.

Do you know you can use airtel 2Gb for N200 plan on 3G network? Just tether it to a 3g enable devices and enjoy 3G speed on the airtel 2G network data subscription.

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  1. classictechblog

    It worked

    1. chioma

      Pls is the bis 3G for 1000 still working? Also hw do I do th tethering to enjoy 3g network with 2g subcription

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