How to Do Airtel 4.6GB for 200 Naira

For the past couple of months, airtel has been growing their subscribers using freebies. It started with the introduction of their 4G network which comes with 4GB of free data. Then the small data big money plan which gives 200% of the original data as bonus. The newest in town is the airtel 4.6gb for 200 4.6gb for 200 naira

The primary objective of this article is to educate you on how to get the best out of this plan. I also have a possible fix for those that airtel initially told they are not eligible.

Airtel 4.6GB for 200 Naira.

You think airtel small money big data is one of the best internet plan out there? Well, you think wrong. Airtel has done the Usain Bolt thing and break their own record with this new plan.

Note that this is official and it selects SIM card but if you follow everything i said in this article, you should have no problem being among the lucky 4.6gb eligibility

Like i said, it doesn’t work on all SIM. So to know your eligibility status, send GET to 141. If you receive the message below, then you are eligible. Else, you are not (but keep reading, i have a fix that works for many).

Dear Customer, Congratulations! You can enjoy 100% DATA BONUS ANYTIME EVERYDAY FOR THE NEXT 3 MONTHS, when you buy data bundle of N500 and above.

You may also receive two other messages but the above confirms you are eligible for the offer.

The next step is to buy 200 airtel recharge card. Recharging from your bank won’t work here. I bought recharge card today for the first time in about 3 years.

Now load the airtime using *143*Airtime PIN#. A message will pop up saying you have been credited with 250MB valid for a week. Just ignore it.subscription confirmation for airtel 4.6gb

Dial *140# or *223# to check your airtel data balance. You should then see the 4.6GB given to you under bonus data. Validity is a month (30 days).

For those that are not eligible, try to migrate to airtel smarttrybe by dialing *312# >> 1 and try to send GET to 141 again. Doing this automatically makes some Sims become eligible but still not all.

Finally, you can accumulate this data up to 5 times amounting to 23GB for 1000 naira. Are you using this plan? Let me know what you think about it.

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My name is Rasaq Olayemi, i like anything science, engineering and technology. I enjoy learning new things and sharing what i know.

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  1. Joel

    It is showing for me that this offer is not available for you anymore. What do I do?

    1. Sam

      Go ahead, it will work. I got the same message and still got the 4.6gb

  2. kehinde

    I tried it as instructed but I was given 200MB and I confirmed by dailing the USSD codes above still no change. what do I do ?

    1. EazzY

      you are owing… do it a second time

      1. dave

        I don’t think he’s owing cos same thing happened to me.

    2. Faith

      Same thing with me,I only got 200mb. So sad

  3. rashhedd

    i tried it i was showing,,,
    your request
    has not been process

    1. Naij Naira

      It gives different reply after loading the airtime. To confirm if you get the data or not, just check balance using any of the codes above.

  4. ubaidullah Umar Muhammad

    Is Airtel 4.6 GB/#200 once or if is exauted i can renew it by simply Recharge by *143*_______# or by long process

  5. joel

    hello guys the offer isn’t available for me and i really need this and i also put my phone on another phone the same thing happened

  6. Sumdi

    I tried it but i was given 200MB only. What is the cause?

  7. johnesky

    It give me 200mb also it like d code has been changed

  8. Stanley

    It was working for me at first but wen I try it again it was only given me 200mb. What is cause

  9. Emmy

    They didn’t give me any data and they remove my card without no date given to me,this is a rubbish

    1. Naij Naira

      It is no more working.

  10. Bolu

    I was given only 200 mb what’s up

  11. Rukayya

    I got the congratulation message BT was given only 200mb…i think this plan is now outdated

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