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Complete Airtel Data Plans 2018 ~ Subscription Codes & Price

Airtel Data Plan: Social, Daily, Weekly, Night & Monthly for SmartPhones (Android, iOS) & PC Today.

Let’s face it guys, Airtel has one of the fastest browsing network in Nigeria. To enjoy this swift internet access, you need to subscribe to one of the airtel data plans below for November 2018.

Airtel Nigeria internet data bundles work on all smartphones, internet dongles, tablets and Pc. airtel data plans

You have options to subscribe to daily, weekly, social, monthly, quarterly and yearly plans.

Their network is reliable and fast in most places across the country (Nigeria).

Airtel Social Data Plans.

There are 2 internet plans here both valid for 30 days.

1.) Operamini Plan.

This plan offers 250 MB data volume for 300 Naira usable only on social apps and operamini browser to access Whatsapp, Facebook, WeChat, Twitter, 2go.

  • Dial *885*1# to subscribe.

2.) Whatsapp Plan.

This plan offers unlimited access to whatsapp for 30 days.

  • Dial *948# to subscribe.

Airtel Daily Data Plan.

Internet plans here are called daily bundles for a reason, they are not meant to be valid for up to a week.

It currently has 3 plans.

1.) 50 Naira to get 20MB.

You will get 20MB volume of data for 50 Naira valid for 1 day (24 hours).

  • Dial *141*11*9# to buy.

2.) 100 Naira to get 75MB.

You get 75MB data volume for N100 valid for 1 day (24 hours).

  • Dial *410# to subscribe.

3.) 200 Naira to get 200MB.

You get 200MB data volume for N200 valid for 3 day.

  • Dial *412# to subscribe.

Airtel Weekly Internet Bundles.

There are also 2 plans here.

1.) 300 Naira to get 350MB.

You will receive 350 MB browsing data for N300 valid for a week (7 days).

  • Dial *417# to subscribe.

2.) 500 Naira to get 750MB.

You will receive 750 MB internet data for N500 valid for 2 weeks (14 days).

  • Dial *418# to subscribe.

However, if you are on SmartTrybe airtel tariff plans, you are entitled to 1GB data volume for the same 500 naira.

Airtel Data Plans {Monthly Subscription Codes 2018}.

Here you have the most expensive airtel browsing plan with validity of 30 days and above. airtel internet data plans

1.) 1000 Naira to get 1.5GB.

You can only get a better offer from glo for this amount. They offer 2GB.

MTN gives 1.5GB but 500MB is usable within 12-5AM. You need to pay extra 200 Naira to get 1.5GB usable anytime of the day.

9mobile offers 1GB for this amount.

This airtel plan is valid for 30 days.

  • Dial *496# to subscribe.

2.) 1500 Naira to get 3.5GB (2.5GB + 1GB).

You get total volume of 3.5GB but 2.5GB is usable during the day while the 1GB is usable in the night between 1AM – 7AM.

  • Dial *440*16# to buy.

3.) 2000 Naira to get 3.5GB.

You get 3.5GB data volume allocated to you for N2000 with 30 days validity.

  • Dial *437# to subscribe.

4.) 2500 Naira to get 5.5GB (4.5GB + 1GB).

This airtel data plan gives 5.5GB to access the internet for N2500 and it is valid for 30 days. The 1GB is usable only in the night between the hours of 1AM – 7AM.

  • Dial *437*1# to subscribe.

5.) 3000 Naira to get 6.5GB (5.5GB + 1GB).

You get total of 6.5GB for 3000 Naira but only 5.5GB is usable anytime while the remaining 1GB is only usable between 1AM – 7AM.

  • Dial *438# to subscribe.

6.) 4000 Naira to get 9.5GB (7.5GB + 2GB).

You get 9.5GB of data to surf the net for 30 days for N4000.

  • Dial *438*1# to subscribe.

7.) 5000 Naira to get 12GB (10GB + 2GB).

With N5000 you get 12GB data volume to browse, stream and download for 30 days.

  • Dial *452# to subscribe.

8.) 10,000 Naira to get 25GB.

This airtel 25GB data volume will cost you N10,000. It is valid for 30 days.

  • Dial *462*10# to subscribe.

9.) 15,000 Naira for 40GB.

This plan offers 40GB for N15,000 Naira to access the internet for 30 days.

  • Dial *462*15# to subscribe.

10.) 20000 Naira to get 60GB.

This plan is valid for 30 days and gives 60GB of data for N20,000.

  • Dial *462*20# to subscribe.

Airtel Android + Free YouTube Internet Plans.

When you subscribe to any of the plans under this category, you get normal (Android) data to surf through the internet on your smartphone and YouTube data that can only be used to access YouTube.

Data volume allocated to you under this plan is valid for 30 days (a month).

How to Subscribe to Android + YouTube Plan.

  • Dial *323#.
  • Reply 1 for Android + Free YouTube Plan.

You can then choose from the available internet plans. Which include.

  • N1000 for 1.5GB + 3GB Free YouTube.
  • N2000 Naira for 3.5GB + 6GB YouTube.
  • 2500 Naira for 5GB + 10GB Free YouTube.
  • N3500 for 7GB + 10GB YouTube.
  • 4000 Naira for 9GB + 10GB YouTube.

Reply with * to go to the next page or # to go to the previous page.

Note: The YouTube data volume can only be used in the midnight between the hours of 12am – 4am.

Airtel Night Plans.

Are you a night surfer? I have the best plan for you. Browse and download with this plans. The validity is 5 hours (12AM – 5AM). There are two different airtel data packages in this section.

How to Subscribe to Airtel 500MB for N25 & 1.5GB for N200.

  • Dial *312#, then reply with 1 to migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe tariff plan.
  • To subscribe to airtel 500MB for N25 and 1.5GB for N200, reply with 3 and follow onscreen command. Night Plan valid from 12am – 5am.
  • To subscribe to the new airtel weekly plan that gives 1GB for N500, reply with 2. Valid for 7 days.
  • Reply with 4 for N200 for 200mb + 30Min call (Weekend: Sat and Sun).

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That’s it guys on airtel data plan for android, iPhone, laptop, mi-fi etc. Don’t forget to share this article using the social sharing buttons below.

Updated: November 7, 2018 — 12:29 pm


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  1. what about double data on airtel what is the code

  2. AIRTEL is students friend in term of data. They have good packages.

  3. Am dissapointed in Airtel service provider as I migrated to smart trybe 2.0 and having subscribe to their 25Naira for 500mb. Only to check and see that I was only given 60mb for that 25naira.

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