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How to Load Airtel Card ~ Recharge Code for Airtime

Without airtime on your phone, it will be difficult to make calls, send messages and in most cases buy data meaning no browsing. Ladies and Gentle men here is how to load airtel card using their 3 digit recharge code.

how to load airtel card

In 2020, i would have taught no one is doing top up with this traditional method again. But as it turns out, i was wrong.

After one of my recently published write up on glo recharge code, i receive numerous emails from readers of Naij Naira asking me to do the same for other telecom.

Before i proceed, i took time sometime to ask them why they still use this method and not just recharge from their bank and trust Nigerians, the replies were funny but at the same time true.

No, i am not going to post their reply here but you should know it all centers around the current status of the economy.

So without further ado, let’s get to it.

How to Load Airtel Card 2020

The code to recharge your airtel line is *126*Airtime_PIN#. Where Airtime_PIN is the 16 digit number on your card.

It makes sense to want to confirm that the top up was successful. So dial *123# to check your airtime balance.

Final Note

Just as you must have heard from different airtel adverts, there is an easier way to enjoy life.

So instead of walking up and down the street looking for where to get a recharge card, why not load directly from your bank? Using code, mobile banking or internet banking.

They are much more easier, faster and safer.

Let me know if you agree with me in the comment.

In the mean time, there are more people out there who might need this information regarding airtel recharge code. So, kindly share with your friends, family and relatives and encourage them to share with theirs too.

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