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Airtel SIM Registration Agent: Requirements, Application, Salary


Airtel SIM Registration Agent

Do you want to become an Airtel SIM registration agent as a side hustle? This post will show you how to succeed as an Airtel SIM card registration agent and be a boss of your own.

Airtel is one of the best network providers and is the second-largest mobile telecom operator in Nigeria. So if you choose to become their agent, your chances of making cool cash are high.

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Let me show you how you too can become a registered Airtel smart agent in Nigeria?

How To Become Airtel SIM Registration Agent

Of course, you will need to apply to Airtel to become their SIM card registration agent. There is a step-by-step guide below that I have outlined to help:

  1. Visit any nearest Airtel office or even their head office
  2. Then dial 743 on your Airtel SIM card
  3. Download the application form
  4. Fill out the form which you have just downloaded and submit it to Airtel head office
  5. Airtel customer care will contact you when your application is reviewed
  6. If approved, you will be invited to training
  7. On completion of the training, your shop will be certified as an approved Airtel SIM Card Registration Center
  8. A tool kit containing everything needed for you to carry out a seamless SIM card registration business will be handed to you
  9. Airtel technical agent will install its SIM Registration app (KYC) on your phone.
  10. Airtel tool kit does not contain a scanner, you have to get this yourself

If by any chance you find the above process tedious, you can use your mobile phone and apply online.

  1. This is the online form, once you are on that page, you will need to enter your registered and valid telephone number and click confirm button.
  2. Please wait for a second to receive a passcode from Airtel to verify your phone number
  3. When your passcode gets to you, enter it correctly in the required place where it says “enter your passcode”.
  4. You will need to enter the passcode on the next screen to complete your registration
  5. Once you enter your telephone number and click on the submit button, you should receive a passcode via SMS

Let’s now see what the requirements are to become an Airtel SIM card registration agent in Nigeria.


Oh yes, you will have to meet the requirements Airtel Nigeria has set down if you wish to be a part of their team and join the thousands of others who are already earning over 50,000 Naira monthly salary or commission as approved agents.

In addition to SIM card registration, you can earn even more by selling their recharge card as well as other networks’ airtime, do the welcome back of Airtel SIM cards for existing customers who lost their SIM cards and want to retrieve them.

Below are the basic requirements to get approved as an Airtel SIM card registration agent:

  1. Valid identification document (nation ID card, voters card, international passport, driver’s license)
  2. Must be 18 years and above
  3. Must have a permanent shop
  4. Active Airtel SIM card
  5. Must know how to use a mobile device
  6. Have an active bank account
  7. Must know how to communicate with customers in a recommended way
  8. You must fully live in your location
  9. Startup capital to buy some devices like a scanner, generator, fan, advertising your business and lots more.

Airtel SIM card registration business doesn’t require you to ‘break the bank’, you can start small and grow as the business progresses.

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Wrap Up

In order to end this post, I will like to advise that you always go for the approved Airtel SIM card registration agent near you. Don’t just walk into any shop, locate the accredited agents in any State you may be residing in Nigeria. See a list of all Airtel Stores and offices in Nigeria.

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