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Amazon Music: Number of songs Prime members can access expanded



Amazon Music Number of songs Prime members can access expanded

The number of songs that Amazon Prime members can access inside Amazon Music has been expanded from 2 million to 100 million.

This represents the entire catalog of songs that Amazon streams through its paid Amazon Music Unlimited streaming service.

The expansion will also include access to “the most top podcasts, which will be available ad-free and at no additional cost to a Prime membership,” according to the company.

There are still limitations on how Prime members can access the expanded catalog: you can only shuffle play artists, albums, or playlists. There is also on-demand access to a selection of All-Access playlists.

For greater control over music playback and to access songs in spatial audio and in two varieties of lossless audio (HD and Ultra HD), you will still need to subscribe to the Amazon Music Unlimited tier. Both tiers support music downloads and are available within the Amazon Music app.

Along with the newly expanded music and podcast catalog, Amazon Music users can expect to see a slightly reworked interface that highlights the service’s podcast content.

A Podcast Previews feature lets you preview a short soundbite from a podcast episode, making it easier to discover new podcasts.

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