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Antonio Conte Reveals Spurs Doctors’ Concerns Over His Health

by NaijNaira
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Antonio Conte Reveals Spurs Doctors' Concerns Over His Health

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte recently underwent an emergency gallbladder surgery, which caused concern among the club’s medical staff when he rushed back to the dugout soon after his operation.

Despite their worries, Conte was back at work a mere week later and took up his place on the sidelines for Tottenham’s Champions League defeat against AC Milan.

Realising that he was not fully recovered, Spurs’ doctors advised him to take some time off and rest in Italy.

However, Conte has since returned to lead Tottenham in their must-win return match against Milan in the Champions League quarter-finals.

Though he admits that he may be “over-evaluated” his physical state, he is feeling well enough to get back into training and work with his players to prepare for the game.

He acknowledges that many people have had similar surgeries, but his was different as it was an emergency operation.

This is what motivated him to rush back too early, but now he feels ready and excited about leading Spurs through this crucial match.


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