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Best MTN Tariff Plans 2018: Get The Best & Cheapest Call Rates on MTN Nigeria Network Plus Migration Codes

Best MTN Tariff Plans 2018: Get The Best & Cheapest Call Rates on MTN Nigeria Network Plus Migration Codes.

Hey there! don’t you guys get tired of browsing? well personally i do, so i call some handful of friends to gist about science, technology, engineering, internet and computers. If you talk like i do, you need this article to decide which of the MTN tariff plans is good for you. I love talking to people as much as i love talking to my tablet, phone and PC while surfing the internet. Don’t know about you though, but i talk a lot. That’s why this article will be all about the cheapest MTN tariff plans that has the best call rates in Nigeria and migration codes January 2018. mtn tariff plans

NaijNaira has always find excuse to ignore/avoid writing about the best tariff plans with the cheapest call rates offered by Nigerian mobile networks. Just so you know, i use different sim cards for MTN tariff plans and data plans because those guys at MTN are unpredictable these days, you will just dial *556# only to see that your #500 naira is gone. But there are actually some plans you can opt in to that gives data bundles along side recharging.

Most of the MTN tariff plans you will read about here today charge less than #7 naira per minute and you talk for about 14 minutes with N100 naira.

1.) MTN iPulse Tariff Package, Call Rate and Benefits.

You must have heard about MTN Pulse renamed to MTN iPulse, it is highly advertised on TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspaper etc. I have been using this plan for a long time, that i have two dedicated MTN Sim cards for it. Not only does it offer a cheap call rate, it gives free data on every recharge once in a week.

  • You get to call any Nigerian network for just 11 Kobo per seconds on MTN iPulse tariff. That’s equivalent to 660 Kobo per minute or #6.6/Min. But, you will be charge 22 Kobo per seconds for the first 50 seconds of the day. This mean about 14 and half minutes of call for #100 Naira.
  • You also get 10MB and 20MB on every recharge of #100 and #200 respectively every 7 days. That’s if you recharge 100 naira today and get 10MB, you will not be eligible for another free data until after 7 days. Same for 20MB for #200 naira.
  • Another benefit of iPulse is that you get 1GB worth of data for just #500 naira while other MTN tariff plans get 750 MB for the same amount. Awesome right? That’s not all.
  • To enjoy MTN cheap free night browsing that gives 500MB for just #25 naira, you must be on MTN Pulse. You see why am obsess with iPulse.

Dial *406*1# or text “406 to 131” to migrate to MTN iPulse tariff today and enjoy almost free night browsing, cheap call rates, free data upon weekly recharge and 1GB for N500.

2.) MTN XTRA Pro Tariff Plan, Call Rate and Benefits.

MTN has discontinued this tariff.

Xtra Pro is one of the best mtn tariff plans. It is slightly similar to MTN iPulse. It is better in call rates, but lack other goodies MTN pulse offers.

  • On MTN Xtra pro, you will be charged 11 Kobo per Seconds for national/local calls. Which is equivalent to 6.6 naira per minute just like MTN iPulse. But, there is a daily access fee of #5.
  • You can call for 14 minutes, 37 seconds for just #100 naira.

Dial *401# to migrate to MTN Xtra Pro.

3.) MTN Beta Talk Tariff Package, Call Rate and Benefits.

Beta talk is yet another great tariff plan from MTN. What most people love about this plan is the 200% bonus on every recharge above #100 naira.

  • On MTN beta talk, you enjoy 200 percent bonus on recharge of # naira and above, meaning recharging #100 naira give 200 naira bonus and total = #300 naira airtime. Recharging #200 gives 600 naira and #500 get you total airtime of #1,500 naira.
  • But on recharge below #100, you receive a 150 percent bonus.
  • The call rate on beta tariff is 45 kobo per sec i.e N27 Naira per Minute from your bonus account and 42 KOBO per second and equivalent of #25 naira 20 seconds per minute on main account. You get 13 minute 20 seconds talk time with #100 (plus bonus).
  • 10mb bonus data once in 7 days, just like in iPulse.
  • Your bonus airtime can be used to text message, browse and call all Nigerian networks which include Glo, Airtel and Etisalat. Browsing with it drains it faster though.

Dial *123*2*6# orĀ *123*2*1# or text “BT to 131 to migrate to MTN beta talk tariff package.

4.) MTN Xtra Special Tariff Package, Call Rate and Benefits.

This tariff is only available for postpaid customers.

This is best mtn tariff plan for making international calls. You will be charged #9 naira per minute for all local and international call.

Dial *408# to migrate to mtn xtraspecial.

That’s it on mtn tariff plans and migration codes with the cheapest call rates and extra benefits in January 2018. You can add more mtn tariff bundle you have subscribed to and think should be here via the comment box below. Do not forget to share this article using the social buttons below.

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Updated: January 4, 2018 — 6:33 am

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  1. I am on iPulse and MTN charges me N24 for 1st 1 minute every day I make calls thereafter 15K for the rest of the day and this is against what is stated above. Why is it so. Why is Africans dubious?

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