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Bitcoin Soar on January 01 2017, Valued at $1000 Dollar for First Time in Three Years

Bitcoin Soars on January 01 2017, Valued at $1000 Dollar for First Time in Three Years.

The last time the value of bitcoin was this high was in December 2013 when it reaches its highest value ever of $1,216.7 dollar. But on the first day of 2017, bitcoin valued at $ 1000 dollar and it is expected to hit $1400 – $3000 before the year runs out. bitcoin valued at $1000 dollar

Bitcoin to dollar exchange rate as at January 2016 was 1 BTC = $450. Meaning its value saw 125% increment over the year. It is a good way to start off 2017 for bitcoin holders. bit coin as at Jan 02 2017

Bitcoin Valued at $1000 Trading Analysis on January 01 2017.

The surge began at 10:00 (UTC) when a bitcoin was trading at $965.36. A quick spike saw price reach $974.59 by the hour’s end. A steady period of trading later, price shot up again. This time, price began at $976.91 at 16:15 before soaring toward $993.97 an hour later at 17:20. It wasn’t long before the BPI struck a high of $998 at 18:45. It later tops $1000 later in the day.

As asserted by analysts, 2017 is expected to be a banner year, one that could finally lead the price to pass its all-time high of $1,216.7 set in 2013.

According to analysts, the current growth is likely owed to China where bitcoin has seen an increased demand after a 7% annual fall in the value of the yuan in 2016. As ever, surging trading volumes in China have contributed to demand and the ensuing rise in value of the cryptocurrency. Can’t login to coin-base right now don’t know why. bitcoin to dollar rate 2017

This is the more reason why you should invest in Swiss Coin which happen to be one of its best alternative. You can read all about Swisscoin here.

Bitcoin valued at $1000 dollar is no more a news, what do you think its value will be by December 2017? Let the prediction commence.

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Updated: January 2, 2017 — 6:34 pm

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