How To Find The Best Black Friday Airfare Deals

Black Friday is widely known for incredible slashes in the prices of goods and services. Companies around the world, go as far as offering 30, 40 or 50 percent discounts on all their products and services. Imagine having up to 80 percent off your flight deals and hotel bookings. This write up explains how to find the best Black Friday airfare deals. That sounds very interesting. Right?

how to find the best black friday airfare deals

Whether you are traveling from Nigeria to other countries in Africa or outside of it, this guide will enable you catch the best deals from several companies in the aviation industry. Of course for those traveling within the country you enjoy huge discounts from your most preferred airlines.

The ending of the year is always a time people travel a lot. For business, vacations, wedding etc, the increase in movement is very noticeable. Adding to the fact that Black Friday is usually around this period, it is no surprise seeing companies take advantage of the opportunities to attract massive traffic.

For several providers of travel-based products and services which include airlines and hotels, the use of a reliable market place like Travelstart Nigeria, is their biggest way of attracting traffic. This year’s Black Friday, the agency is set to offer users massive discounts in their giant black friday sales. You will learn more about this as we go on.

When Is The 2019 Black Friday Coming Up?

Black Friday usually refers to the Friday that follows the fourth Thursday in every month of November. That Thursday Is Known in the United States as Thanksgiving Day.

This year, the Thanksgiving Day happens to fall on the 28th of November. That automatically means that Black Friday will be coming up on the 29th of November, 2019. After that is the Cyber Monday which will be coming up on December 2nd 2019.

Though the Black Friday is just a day, most companies offer these discounts beyond just that one day. Some start as early as one one week to that day. Some continue the deals till one after.

This year, TravelStart’s Giant Black Friday Sale will be starting from November 25th and continue till the 2nd of December 2019. This year’s edition promises to feature the best domestic and international flight deals from Nigeria’s favourite airlines. You stand the chance of enjoying jaw dropping deals from the travel agency once the Black Friday sales is live.

To help you avoid missing out on exclusive deals from your top favourite airlines , here is how to prepare for that day.

Tips on How To Find The Best Black Friday Airfare Deals

These are practical things to do to get the best of deals from your preferred airlines. This includes domestic and international deals.

1.) Set Your Reminders

Black Friday doesn’t wait for anyone, people wait for it. One of the best way to do that is to set reminders for it. You can easily do that using your smart-phone . Go to the Calender app on your phone set a reminder to alert you once the day or time comes.

The human minds can be so focused on other things that it can miss out on the most important things in life. Even life changing opportunities. Setting a reminder can go a long way to help you discover the best deals while they still live.

2.) Subscribe To Email Notifications

Email updates have a way of keeping you abreast of what is happening on a platform if you are the type that constantly goes through your mails.

A common way to find and get the best airfare deals throughout the Black Friday periods, is to subscribe to the newsletter. Long before the day comes. Do not wait to do that one day before that day Do it earlier.

3.) Download The Mobile Application

While it is true that you can get the best deals by visiting the web platform of your favourite travel agency, it is also true that some of the most amazing deals are sometimes only accessible via the mobile apps.

Some of the mobile apps are also developed in such a way that it can notify you of an upcoming or ongoing sale so you can cash in on that.

You can find the marketplace’s mobile application for easy download on their website. You can also search for it on the necessary store and download it. E.g. Google Play Store.

4.) Book Ahead Of That Day

This is definitely one of the ways of enjoying massive discounts on you from the stress of doing it all over and avoid missing out on your best opportunities. Do this while you still can.

Where To Get The Best Airfare Deals On Black Friday

While there are many travel agencies out there promising great discounts this coming Black Friday, You need to use the services of an agency that is very reliable. A hot and airline booking services provider that has a great reputation for doing exactly what they said they would. A company with a great customer support who protects the personal information of customers well.

Of all such companies, one of the most recommended is Travelstart Nigeria. The agency has over the years built a great reputation for itself in terms of black friday deals. Checkout their Giant Black Friday flight deals happening from November 25th till the 2nd of December, 2019.


For anyone searching for how to find the best Black Friday airfare deals, the information or tips contained in this article will be of a great help to you.

Simply follow the guidelines here and enjoy massive discounts on your flights ticket within this period.

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