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Bollywood fans outraged as Spotify yank songs



Bollywood fans outraged as Spotify yank songs

Angry fans of Bollywood songs have taken to social media to express their frustration after many of the tracks disappeared from Spotify without warning.

Popular songs such as “Malhari” from Bajirao Mastani and “Kala Chashma” from Baar Baar Dekho were removed due to an expired agreement between Spotify and copyright owners.

Disgruntled users criticised Spotify on Twitter, flooding the platform with messages attacking it for not giving a “week notice”.

The hashtag #spotify has been trending since then, as fans reportedly threaten to cancel their subscription in favour of Apple Music.

Responding to the sudden removal, one user asked if these tracks will be back anytime soon.

Earlier this month, Spotify released its biggest redesign ever that aims to encourage people to explore different types of content on the platform including podcasts.

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