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How to Buy from Amazon and Ship to Nigeria

This guide explains all you need to about how you can easily buy anything you want from Amazon and get it ship to Nigeria.

how to buy from amazon and ship to nigeria

It’s not news that Amazon is the best, most popular and recognized online market worldwide.

The company sells the best products and are known for all kinds of products ranging from electronics to clothing to machines to household equipment to jewelries and so on.

There’s nothing you desire that cannot be found in Amazon. It is the biggest online shopping mall with millions of buyers. They sell goods to people all over the world.

After buyers buy the goods online, these goods are then shopped down to the buyer. Amazon ships their products to the customer’s country.

Of course, goods or products from Amazon have been shipped down to several countries.

However, buyers of these goods will have to follow some procedures.

Have you seen a product you like on the platform and desire to buy it? This article contains all you need to know about buying your goods from Amazon and shipping them to Nigeria.

How to Buy from Amazon and Ship to Nigeria

Login to your amazon account, select the item you want to buy, choose payment method available for your country, select method of shipment and wait for your item to arrive in Nigeria.

Can I Really Buy Goods from Amazon to Nigeria?

Yes, you can. It is very possible. However, you must prepare yourself adequately.

Shipping goods from Amazon to Nigeria requires some self-preparation which includes getting to right documents and all necessary requirements that will be needed for your easily access.

In addition to getting the necessary requirements, you also need to note that Amazon is a very huge online mall having thousands of sales from different countries.

Each of these sellers upholds different shipping policy which means that not all these sellers will be capable of shipping your goods to Nigeria.

While some sellers may ship them to Nigeria, but your delivery may take a while.

Another thing to also take note of is the kind of goods or product you want to buy.

Presently in Nigeria not all products are accepted in Nigeria unless you intend smuggling your goods.

Smuggling of goods holds serious penalty in Nigeria. So, you need to check out the custom lists of the kind of goods you can get into Nigeria.

You also need to know that when shipping goods your bill will be charged by the weight of your goods not the quality, that is why it is advisable to go for lighter products. You will only be charged via the weight of your product.

An Easier Way to Buy from Amazon

When buying your product, you can either use a shipping agent or you buy the goods directly by yourself.

However, it is advisable to buy through an agent because with a reliable and competent agent, you have no problems in tracking your goods, less stress, less worries about your goods. All you need is to pay the agent.

This agent keeps you informed about your goods, until it gets to its destination.

Requirements for Buying From The Platform

Whether or not you are using an agent for buying your goods. You need to get the following:

1.) Acceptable ATM Card

Your ATM Card comes in different forms. We have the debit cards which are Mastercard, Verve Card and Visa Card.

However, the best cards for International Online Payment are Mastercard and Visa Card. The Verve Cards are mainly for local transactions.

These MasterCard and Visa Cards are issued in Banks like Zenith bank, UBA, Ecobank, Access bank and so on.

You can also go Prepaid cards. The Prepaid/Credit cards are specially issued without the need of a bank account.

That means you can get it even without opening an account with the bank you got it from.

You can only credit the card itself and make payments or withdrawals with it. The card can be used for online transactions and its acceptable outside Nigeria.

Things will be even much more better if you have a domiciliary account, this means you won’t have issue of exchange rate or your method of payment not accepted or even your money get hang with them.

A dollar card from GTB has done the magic for me over and over again.

2.) Smartphone or Computer

You will also need to get a laptop to process your transactions online. You can also contact a reliable agent. If you intend using a shipping agent.

If you do not own a laptop, you can use your smartphone to buy and ship the goods. It all depends on your choice.

3.) Amazon Account

Now that you have your card and laptop you can now proceed to register on Amazon.

You must register for Amazon account. Go to the website and register. After you must have registered for Amazon online, follow the below steps to start buying from there.

Guide to Buying from Amazon & Getting it Shipped to Nigeria

1.) Ensure you have registered for an Amazon account. If you haven’t, visit www.amazon.com to do that.

2.) In your account, select setting option. In your setting option, click on manage address book.

Then edit the default shipping address, that is where you type correct details to always receive your products.

3.) After changing your address and ether necessary information, you have to search for your products or products eligible to ship into Nigeria like I said before not all goods and product are acceptable in Nigeria presently.

4.) In the search bar at the top of the page you can search for the item you intend to buy for instance, you can type “Women Bags”.

You will see all kinds of women bag. It is the same with other products.

5.) When you click on the item you want to buy, right under the item description, you will see an UNK “Used or New” that is the you want a new product or a used one.

6.) Whichever option you click whether new or used, the price will appear. This way you have the privilege to buy more products.

7.) Then click on “Add to Cart”, it will take you to a page where you confirm the items you bought in your cart just before you make your payment. In your cart you get to see or choose more related items.

8.) You can also choose the quantity of your items.

Your items may remain in your cart for some time only that changes may occur based on the price and some of your items may be removed based on availability so as soon as your select your items.

It is best you pay for them as well as place an order for your goods.

9.) After you have selected your items and the quantity of your items, you select your shipping address.

Amazon will show you option of shipping address close to your location in your country Nigeria. Select the ship to Nigeria check box.

10.) Select your payment method. If you have more than one payment method, Amazon will list them out as options.

After selecting your payment method, you then click on “Place Your Order”, this will enable you to complete your order.

11.) Amazon will then show you confirmation details, this detail will include the price of the items, amount to be paid for shipping and handling, your total before tax.

Amount for estimated tax to be collected, import fee deposit and finally your order total which is the total fee to pay.

However, you have about thirty minutes to cancel your order just in case you changed your mind. Also note that if your order is placed in the afternoon, it will be processed the following day.

12.) After confirming your order and making payments, your products will be shipped, and you will receive them at the your designated address.

Final Note

Many people ignorantly argue that products bought from Amazon cannot be successfully shipped to Nigeria.

However, it is very much possible to buy your products from Amazon sellers and have them ship your product to Nigeria.

The only problem is that sometimes the price for shipping and handling will be much higher than that of the price of your items.

For example the price of your item could be 608 dollar and then the price for shipping and handling will be 1,000 dollars, that’s what I mean, which is why you always have the opinion to opt out if you decide to change your mind.

Like I said before the weight of your products also determine the price for your shipping and handling. Choose the right product.

Amazon can be trusted for good quality products whether new or used products.

When you have an agent, the safety of goods is well assured but if you intend doing it yourself, you must keep tracking the locations of your goods.

Not that your goods will not be tracked with an agent. The only difference is you wouldn’t be doing the stress yourself.

I hope you find this article helpful as regard how anyone can buy any item from Amazon and get it ship to Nigeria stress free.

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