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BVN Code ~ How to Check the Number Online 2020

The full meaning of BVN is Bank Verification Number and among the ways you can check it in 2020 is using a code or online.

bvn code

It is an 11 digit number introduced by the Central bank of Nigeria with the aiming of monitoring and curbing illegal banking transactions cross the country.

This article features the easiest and fastest way to check your BVN online and through your 9mobile, airtel, glo and mtn telephone lines.

Most of us still remember the stress we went through trying to register for this number in 2014 through 2015 to prevent us being restricted access to our bank account.

So what should we call it when you need that number and you don’t know it?

Well, that is what this article will focus on, how to check bvn using ussd code and internet banking platform.

The full meaning of BVN is Bank Verification Number.

It came to existence in early 2014 as one of CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) measures to curb fraudulent activities and identity theft in the banking sector. It is 11 digit long and link all your bank account together.

You are only required to register once from any of the banks you have an account with and your accounts from other banks in Nigeria will be linked to it.

I know most people want to know the registration portal for bank verification number but there isn’t one you can access yourself. It has to be through one of your banks.

What Does BVN Do For You?

The Bank Verification Number is a single Biometric Identification System.

It was brought into play by the Central Bank of Nigeria in partnership with the Nigerian Interbank Settlement System, also known as NIBSS.

The biometric identification system was introduced to help eradicate cases of fraudulent banking transactions which has dented the image of the Nigerian banking industry in the past.

With this number, you have total control over all your bank accounts regardless of the bank where you have a functional account with. No one else can access your accounts with your permission.

The Bank Verification Number also protects your identity so no one else can open an account with any Nigerian bank using your name, even if they have all your personal information.

With the code, every transaction on any of your bank accounts can be traced, protecting you from both illegal cash deposits and withdrawal.

Must I Have BVN To Open An Account In Nigeria?

Yes you must. The Central Bank of Nigeria which is the body that oversees other banks in the country, has made it mandatory that every account holder in the country must own one.

In the same way, individuals who have never owned an account before but are interested in doing so, must obtain the BVN in the first place.

If you haven’t gotten yours, you can walk into any Nigerian bank where you have an account and sign up for it, it is free.

If you have done that in the past and have forgotten the code, this article will help you get the number again.

Length Of BVN, How Long is it?

Well, it is eleven digits in number. If you are good in cramming numbers, you can cram them so they can be permanently stored in your brain.

That will make it easier for you to access them whenever and wherever you have the need.

You can also write down the numbers in your personal diary. The one you are sure no one else has access to it.

If that’s not the best option for you, you can have the number stored in your phone, probably among your contacts or in a message draft.

How To Retrieve BVN If Forgotten

Presently, there are about three ways you ways you can get your bank verification number if you have forgotten it. Each of these methods will work for anyone, provided you have signed up for the code in the past.

So if you are saying “I forgot my BVN number, how do I get it?” or “how do I check my bank verification number?” and so on, this guide is all you need to get it.

The methods shared below also addresses how to get bank verification number on MTN, Glo, Airtel & 9mobile telecommunication networks.

Let’s start with the first one.

BVN Code 2020

Dial *565*0# to check your BVN {Bank Verification Number}. This code is the same for mtn, glo, airtel and 9mobile as well as all commercial banks in Nigeria.

Within a few seconds, an 11- digit code will be displayed on your screen. That is your BVN. Copy it and have it saved somewhere safe for future uses.

You can instantly check and have it delivered to you via text message on any Nigerian telecommunication online.

Though this is quite simple to do, the service can cost you to N20 per SMS. This charge depends on your network.

This is exact the way to check it on all the telecom networks in Nigeria.

Also for all banks in Nigeria such as Gtbank, First Bank, Zenith Bank, Access Bank, Diamond Bank, Polaris / Skye Bank, UBA, Union, Unity, FCMB, Fidelity Bank etc.

How to Check my BVN Via Bank Mobile App

As instructed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, all Nigerian banks have now updated their mobile phone applications to make it easier for individuals to access their bank verification number using their banks mobile apps.

This is why you can now get it from UBA Mobile, GTworld, First Bank and other Nigerian bank apps. To do this, follow the instructions below.

Step 1

Visit Google Play Store on your phone and download the specific mobile banking application for your bank. E.g UBA Mobile, Zenith Mobile.

Step 2

Install the application on your smartphone and open it.

Step 3

If you have registered on the application before, simply login using your account number, phone number or email address and password.

If you haven’t registered for the mobile banking service before, Click the “Signup” button to begin the registration process.

Ensure that you enter your accurate information on the app. Avoid rushing any of the steps so you can get it right. Ensure the information you enter there are the same with those on your bank account. You can login after signing up.

Step 4

Once you have logged into your bank account from your bank account from your mobile app, click on “Bank Services” or “Settings” and scroll down to where you see “My BVN”.

Step 5

Click on that “MY BVN” and your 11 digits bank verification number will be instantly displayed on your screen. You can copy it from there and save it somewhere you can easily access it , with or without the internet.

If you followed every step I listed above, you will discover that this is one of the fastest and simplest method to check your bank verification number/code without paying a dime for it.

The reason I personally prefer this method is that you can use it to access the code as many times in a day as you want.

The method doesn’t cost any extra money. The only requirements is for you to have mobile data activated on your line. That’s all.

How To View Your BVN Online Through Internet Banking

This is also another easy way of getting your bank verification number without visiting your bank to ask for it.

The method allows you to access this verification number from the comfort of your home using your mobile phone or computer.

The internet banking is a similar banking service to mobile banking service.

The only difference between the two is that internet banking doesn’t require you to access your bank account using your bank’s mobile application.

You can use your normal phone browser for that. For instance Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to do it. You can also use a laptop or desktop computer for that.

To do that, follow the guide below.

1.) Visit your bank internet banking portal using chrome or any other browser on your smartphone or computer.

2.) If you have signed up for the internet banking service before now, simply log into your account from the homepage.

If you haven’t you can do that by clicking the sign up link on the page. A new page will open bearing the sign up form.

Fill every information needed on the form exactly as you have it in in your bank account.

Once you have completed the registration log into your account.

3.) After logging in , you will be led to your dashboard from where you are to carry out any banking activity you desire. Since your goal is to get your BVN from there, click on “Bank Services” or “Self Services” as the case may be.

4.) Out of the many options that will be displayed there, you will see “My BVN” written boldly on the page. This is usually towards the bottom of the page.

5.) Click on that “My BVN” option displayed. Once you click on it, you will find your bank verification number fully displayed on the next page that will open. You can then copy or do whatever you like with it from there.

How can i Get my BVN Number

If you are yet to register at all, then i assume you just clocked the eligible age to own an account with any Nigerian banks.

So follow the steps below. Note that if you are just registering a bank account for the first time, you will do the registration along side.

  • Visit a bank you own an account with.
  • Walk straight to their customer care section and tell them you want to register for bvn.
  • You will be given an enrollment form, which you have to fill and submit back to them.
  • Your biometric signatures will then be capture and stored in database.
  • As an SMS, you will receive your 11 digit bvn number within 24hrs – 48hrs.


Bank Verification Number. It is an 11-digit code introduced and mandated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for every bank account holder in the country to have.

The code was introduced with the intention of helping to trace fraudulent banking transactions all over the country and to put a stop to it.

To get your bank verification number instantly delivered to your mobile phone via SMS, simply dial the above code using your registration phone line.

Within seconds , you will have the eleven digits number delivered to that line. kindly note that your telecom network can change up to N20 for this service.

Other ways through which you can check or get your bank verification number right now, have all been carefully explained in this article.

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