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Calabar Postal Code for all Areas & Districts

If you are looking for the postal codes of calabar, you are in the best place for that because it is not the only thing you will be getting. Below is also brief introduction to the city and what exactly post or zip codes are.

calabar postal code

Nigeria has had couple of Federal Capital in its time and Calabar was one of them. The city is now the capital of cross rivers state. It is a city in the south south region of Nigeria and it shares border with Cameroon.

If you resides in calabar, you will need its zip codes to receive items at your door step or at least to the nearest post office to your house. The code is 6 digits in number and it makes delivery of goods very easy.

Calabar Postal Code

The zip codes of calabar are 540221 for Airport, 540281 for Ikorinim, 540222 for state housing estate, 540252 for Ekpo Abasi, 540271 for Essien Town.

540253 for Uwanse, 540242 for Eta Agbor, 540251 for Dan Archibon, 540213 for Ikot Omin, 540241 for Bogobiri, 240212 for Ikot Ansa, 540243 for Goldie, 540211 for Ediba and 540261 for Egerton, Egerton Area II and Stadium.

NoLocationPost Codes
1.1st Avenue540222
2.2nd Ave540222
3.3rd Avenue540222
4.4th Avenue540222
5.Abang Asang Street540242
6.Abasi Edem Street540253
7.Abasi Obori Lane540253
8.Abatiembe Close Close540222
9.Abatim Street540251
10.Abua Street540251
11.Academy Lane Lane540251
12.Academy Street540251
13.Adak Ukpa540213
14.Adam Duke A Lane540253
15.Adam Duke B Lane540253
16.Adam Duke Lane C Lane540253
17.Adam Duke Street540253
18.Adazi Street540241
19.Addy Street540251
20.Adiabo Close Close540222
21.Adiabo Street540222
22.Afokang Street540252
23.Afon Close240212
24.Agba Road240212
25.Ahman Patigi240212
26.Airport Hotel540221
27.Airport Road540221
28.Akai Street240212
29.Akandem Street540221
30.Akim Close Close540222
31.Akim Qua Town Road540241
32.Akin Qua Town Road540241
33.Akpanim Street540243
34.Akparika Lane Lane540252
35.Alalubosa Lane Lane240212
36.Alimi Road240212
37.Allman Street540251
38.Amaku Street540222
39.Ambo Street540253
40.Amika Layout Layout540241
41.Amika Utuk Lane540243
42.Amika Utuk Street540243
43.Amphibious Training School540281
44.Anating Street540251
45.Andem Street540213
46.Anderson Street540261
47.Annestly Street540261
48.Ansa Effiom Street540261
49.Ansa Ewa Lane540261
50.Ansa Ewa Street540261
51.Ansa Street540261
52.Ayito Street240212
53.Archibong Eso Road240212
54.Archibong Lane540261
55.Archibong Square540261
56.Archibong Street540261
57.Army Barrack540242
58.Army Barracks Junction240212
60.Asang Eniong Street540243
61.Asari Eso Layout540222
62.Asari Eso Street540222
63.Asari Ntan Inim Street540253
64.Asi Abang Street540222
65.Asi Etta Street540241
66.Asim Ikang Street540221
67.Asim Ita Close540242
68.Asim Ita Street240212
69.Asitata Street540242
70.Asuquo Abasi Street540243
71.Asuquo Ekpo Close540253
72.Asuquo Ekpo Street540253
73.Asuquo Nyong Close540243
74.Asuquo Nyong Lane540243
75.Asuquo Nyong Street540243
76.Atakpa Lane540253
77.Atakpa Street540252
78.Atamunu Lane540253
79.Atamunu Street540252
80.Atekong Close540222
81.Atekong Drive540222
82.Atekong Lane Road540222
83.Atimbo Lane540221
84.Atu Street540251
85.Atuambom Street540252
87.Ayank Street540252
88.Ayarawo Street540253
89.Ayatmo Street540253
90.Azikiwe Lane540252
91.Azikiwe Street540253
92.B. Monagh
93.Balantyne Street540252
94.Bank Close
95.Barracks Road540241
96.Bassey Duke Street540251
97.Bassey Edem Close Close
98.Bassey Etteta Lane540241
99.Bassey Etteta Street540241
100.Bassey Oqua Lane540221
101.Bassey Street540252
102.Beccle Davies540251
103.Bedwell Street540251
104.Beecroft Street540261
105.Bennet Street540252
106.Bible Way Way540222
107.Boco Street540261
108.Bogobiri Street540241
109.Bonny Street540261
110.Bourdilon Street540251
111.Brooks Street540251
112.Budon Close240212
113.Calabar African Club540261
114.Calabar Municipal Office540221
115.Calabar Polo Ground540213
116.Calabar Road540261
117.Calabar Sports Club540281
119.Calcemoo Quarry Road240212
120.Cameroun Street540241
121.Cannan Avenue540221
122.Cementry Road240212
123.Chalmer Lane Lane540252
124.Chalmer Street540252
125.Chambley Street540251
126.Channel View Hotel540222
127.Chief Obot Close Close540222
128.Church Road540213
129.Clement Ebri Drive Dve.540222
130.Clerks Alley Street540251
131.Clifford Lane540251
132.Clifford Street540251
133.CocoBassey Street540261
134.College of Technology540252
135.Commercial Street540252
136.Convent Street540261
137.Cross River Radio540241
138.Cultural Centre540241
139.Dan Archibong Street540251
140.Daniel Hogan Street540243
141.David Akintola Close240212
142.David Henshaw Street540222
143.Dim Otop Close540221
144.Duglas Avenue540222
145.Duke Henshaw Layout540221
146.Duke Hotel540222
147.Duke Town Cr540222
148.Duke Town Drive540222
149.Duncan Street540252
150.E.M.S Sch.540253
151.Eastern Highway Highway540243
152.Eastern Highway Lane540242
153.Ebito Street540251
154.Ebuka Street540251
155.Eburutu Street540241
156.Ededem Lane Lane540251
157.Ededem Street540251
158.Edem Edet Lane A540253
159.Edem Edet Lane B540253
160.Edem Edet Street540253
161.Edem Efiokoho Street540241
162.Edem Ekpenyong Street540241
163.Edem Lane540261
164.Edem Odo Street540241
165.Edem Okon Street540221
166.Edet Effiom Street240212
167.Edet Essien Square540243
168.Edet Nsa Street540261
169.Edgerly Memorial Girls Sec.Sch.540253
170.Edgerly Road540253
171.Edgerly Street540253
172.Edibe Edibe Road540252
173.Edim Otop Close540261
174.Ediyang Street540221
175.Edondo Street540222
176.Efa Street540251
177.Efagh Mkpan Lane Lane540261
178.Effanga Effanga Street540222
179.Effanga Mkpa Street540261
180.Effanga Nsa Street540222
181.Effanga Street540261
182.Effio Edem Street540261
183.Effio Ette Junction540261
184.Effiom Bassey Avenue540222
185.Effiom Ekpo Street540222
186.Effiong Street540253
187.Effiwatt Street540261
188.Efio Ene Street540261
189.Efut Street540253
190.Egerton Street540261
191.Eka Ekong Street540261
192.Eke Effiong Street540221
193.Ekeng Abia Street240212
194.Ekeng Ansa Street540261
195.Ekeng Bassey Lane540261
196.Ekeng Ewa Street540221
197.Ekeng Ita Street540261
198.Ekeng Iwatt Street540261
199.Ekepheyong Bassey Street540261
200.Eket Lane540221
201.Eket Street540252
202.Eko Ase Street540252
203.Ekondo Lane540252
204.Ekondo Street540251
205.Ekong Eta Street540251
206.Ekong Nyong Street540242
207.Ekorinim Road540242
208.Ekorinim Village540281
209.Ekpenyong Effiom Street240212
210.Ekpikien Close540242
211.Ekpo Abasi Lane540252
212.Ekpo Eyo Lane540252
213.Ekpo Eyo Street540253
214.Ekpo Nsa Abasi Street540253
215.Ekpo Nwa Lane540243
216.Ekpo Nwa Street540253
217.Elijah Henshaw Street540253
218.Ene Ndem Street540251
219.Enebong Avenue540261
220.Eneyo Street540253
221.Eniong Street540261
222.Enkong Street540253
223.Ephraim Lane540222
224.Ephraim Street540251
225.Ephraim Street540251
226.EPZ Port Complex540253
227.Esana Abasi Street240212
228.Eseelfie Street540213
229.Eseku Close Close540251
230.Esere Ebom Street540222
231.Esighi Street540261
232.Esin Street540241
233.Eso Street540252
234.Essien Town Road540221
235.Essien Ufot Close Close240212
236.Esuk Atu Road240212
237.Esuk Out Road540243
238.Eta Agbo Crescent Cr.240212
239.Eta Agbo Road540242
240.Eta Eyo Street540242
241.Etak Ikot Street540242
242.Eteta Ita Street540213
243.Eteyin Abasi Close540242
244.Eteyin Abasi Street540253
245.Etim Edem Street540253
246.Etim Effiom Lane540241
247.Etim Effiom Street540253
248.Etim Ekpo Crescent Cr.540253
249.Etim Square540222
250.Etime Edem Lane Lane540261
251.Etoi Street540241
252.Etomkpe Street540241
253.Etonko Street540222
254.Ewa Ekeng Street540261
255.Ewa Nsa Street540261
256.Extension Street540261
257.Eyamba Street540241
258.Eyo Aikpo Street540261
259.Eyo Edem Street540242
260.Eyo Edet Crescent Cr.540261
261.Eyo Etta Lane540222
262.Eyo Etta Street540241
263.Eyo Ita Street240212
264.Eyo Lane540252
265.Eyo Okon Street540261
266.Ezekie Street540251
267.Fed. Govt. Girls College540253
268.Federal Housing540221
269.Fenton Street540252
270.Flour Mill540261
271.Foster Street240212
272.Fufu Road540251
273.Fuller Street240212
274.Garden Street540252
275.Gibson Street540261
276.Goldie Close540251
277.Goldie Lane540243
278.Goldie Street540243
279.Government College540243
280.Government Primary School240212
281.Govt. Sec. School540281
282.Govt. Teachers College Highway540242
283.Great Kwa River540213
284.Gregory Effiong Street540243
285.H. W. Institute240212
286.Harbour Road540261
287.Harbour Village240212
288.Harcourt Street240212
289.Hart Street540251
290.Hawkins Road540251
291.Hewet Street540261
292.Home Farm Estate540261
293.House of Assembly Staff Quarters540253
294.Howell Lane540281
295.Howell Street540252
296.Ibako Street540252
297.IBB Way Way540222
298.Ibok Street540242
299.Ibom Eteta Ita Street540222
300.Ibom Layout540242
301.Ibonda Street540221
302.Ijumu Street540253
303.Ikang Etta Square240212
304.Ikot Abasi Obori540242
305.Ikot Efa Street540213
306.Ikot Effa Street540222
307.Ikot Effanga Farm Street240212
308.Ikot Effiong Mkpa Junction540213
309.Ikot Eyo Street240212
310.Ikot Nkebre Layout540222
311.Ikot Uduak Street540213
312.Ilofa Road540222
313.Inameti Henshaw Street240212
314.Inyan Edem Street540221
315.Inyang Ekeng Street540243
316.Inyang Ewa Lane540261
317.Inyang Ewa Street540261
318.Inyang Otop Lane Lane540261
319.Inyang Otop Street540242
320.Inyang Street540252
321.Ipaye Road540253
322.Iponrin Road240212
323.Ishie Street240212
324.Iso Eta540222
325.Iso Oqua Street240212
326.Ito Agbor Street540242
327.Itu Street540242
328.Jacob Street540241
329.Joe Goldy540261
330.John Etete Ita Street540213
331.Johnson Ishie Street540242
332.Kabba Street240212
333.Kadana Road240212
334.Kent Street540222
335.King Duke Street540252
336.King Street540251
337.Kusak Street540251
338.Lafiaji Street540253
339.Lagos Street240212
340.Lanjorin Street540261
341.Lawrence Bassey Avenue240212
342.Lugard Street540222
343.Lutheran Street540251
344.Macdonald Street540213
345.Macgragor Street540261
346.Magnus Henshaw Street540252
347.Mapple Street540261
348.Margaret Ekpo Street540251
349.Marian Road540221
350.Marina Road540252
351.Market Road540261
352.Market Square540222
353.Mary Magdalene Street540213
354.Mary Slessor Avenue540241
355.Mayne Avenue540241
356.Mbarukom Street540251
357.Mbora Lane540222
358.Mbora Street540242
359.Mbukpa Market540242
360.Mbukpa Road540253
361.MCC Road540253
362.MCC Workshop240212
363.Mekenge Layout240212
364.Methodist Drive540221
365.Mirage Hotel540253
366.Mobil Filling Station540222
367.Mound Zion Light House Street540261
368.Mount Zion Lane540213
369.Mt. Zion Road540243
370.Munen Close540253
371.Murray Street540222
372.Murtala Mohammed Highway High way540251
373.Musaha Street540281
375.NdidemIso Road540252
376.Ndon Edet Street540242
377.Nelson Mandela Street540253
378.New Edgerly Street540251
379.New Ekang Road540252
380.New Ikang Road540221
381.New Ikang Street540221
382.Nigeria Port Authority540243
383.Nigerian Police Zone 6 Headquarters540261
384.Nigerian Port Authority Senior Staff Warters540281
385.Nigerian Prisons540281
386.Nigerian Television540241
387.NIPOST/NITEL Quarters240212
388.Nkebre Effiong Street540222
389.Nkwa Street540213
390.Noble Lane540261
391.Nsaha Effiom A Lane540221
392.Nsaha Effiom B Lane540221
393.Nsaha Effiom Street540221
394.Nsefik Layout540221
395.Nsemo Road540222
396.Nsisuk Street240212
397.Ntiero Square540261
398.Ntoe Street540261
399.Nupe Road540213
400.Nyahasang Street240212
401.Nyaraowo Close540221
402.Nyong Edem Close540253
403.Nyong Edem Street540251
405.Obo Effiom Street240212
406.Obong Lane540221
407.OOO Headquarters540222
408.Odukpani Road540253
409.Odwyer Street540213
410.Offa Road540251
411.Office Road240212
412.Offiong Square240212
413.Offiong Street540261
414.Oke Ode Street540261
415.Okodi Lane Lane240212
416.Okodi Street540253
417.Okoho Ephraim Street540253
418.Okoi Arikpo Estate540252
419.Okon Edak Lane540241
420.Okon Edak Street540253
421.Okon Ekpo Close540253
422.Okon Inok Street540243
423.Okoro Agbor540222
424.Okoroabo Street540221
425.Okpo Ene Lane Close540242
426.Okpo Ene Street540253
427.Okro Agbor Street540253
428.Old Marina Road540242
429.Old Odukpani Road540211
430.Old Odukpani Road240212
431.Old Residency540213
432.Old Secretariat540261
433.Olumba Olumba540261
434.Oma Street Street540253
435.Onikanga Road540242
436.Oro Ago Close240212
437.Orok – Orok Lane240212
438.Orok – Orok Street540243
439.Orok Effiom Street540243
440.Orok Ene Street540221
441.Orok Ita Street540252
442.Orok Odo Street540211
443.Orok Oyo Ita Road540211
444.Orok Street540222
445.Otomo Street540253
446.Otop Aasi Street540253
447.Otop Otop Close540241
448.Otu Ansa Lane540221
449.Otu Edem Layout540221
450.Otu Eteta Lane540221
451.Owode Close540221
452.Oyo Efam Lane240212
453.Oyo Effiom Street540253
454.Pality Office540253
455.Palm Lane540221
456.Palm Street540253
457.Park Lane540253
458.Parliamentary Road540222
459.Plantation Road540222
460.Police Barrack240212
461.Police Road540241
462.Porter Street240212
463.Post Office540251
465.Probyn Street540241
466.Punch Street540251
467.Queen Duke Street540251
468.Queen Street540241
470.Richard Henshaw Street240212
471.Riffle Range540252
472.Robert Henshaw Street540253
473.Ross Street540261
474.S.C.C. Workshop540261
475.Sabo Oke540281
476.School Road240212
477.Shanahan Street540222
478.Sofoluwe Street540261
479.Sokoto Road240212
480.Spring Road240212
481.Spring Tank Rd240212
482.State Housing Lane540211
483.St. Patrick College540222
484.Stream Road540213
485.St. Margaret’s Hospital Old Residency540221
486.St. Margaret’s Hospital540261
487.St. Patrick’s College540261
488.Sulu Gambari540213
489.Target Road240212
490.Teacher’s Training Collage Junction540241
491.Technology Street240212
492.Thomas Henshaw Street540252
493.Thompson Close540261
494.Trade Fair Road540252
495.Trenchard Street540222
496.Twin Street540251
497.Uba Mbora Street540261
498.Uduak Orok Street540242
499.Ukpong Archibong540243
500.Umo Okon Street240212
501.Umon Street540252
502.University Road540252
503.Usang Street540242
504.Uwanse Lane540213
505.Uyu Street540243
506.Victor Akan Street540261
507.W.A.P.I Junction540251
508.Wapi Market540213
509.Watt Market540241
510.Watt Street540261
511.Webber Street540251
512.Wembly Street540251
513.White House Street540241
514.White House Street540251
515.Wilkie Street540253
516.William George Street540251
517.Williamson Close Close540251
518.Yellow Duke Lane540252
519.Yellow Duke Street540252
520.Yoruba Road540252

Wrapping it Up

Provided above are the post code of calabar as you will need it if you want to send an item or goods to someone that resides there through post office or if you stay or lives there are want to order for something online from an eCommerce store such as Jumia, Konga, Slot or Amazon.

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