Call Tariff Plans ~ Cheapest Rates on all Networks {2021}

Call rate is the amount in kobo or naira that telecom companies (mtn, glo, 9mobile and airtel) charges their customers in a second or minute for making calls. This rate changes with different call tariff plans.

call tariff plans

It also varies with telecom companies. In most cases local call rate are lower than international. But they are the same in some cases.

This article will focus on the best tariff plan of each of the 4 telcos in Nigeria which include 9mobile, airtel, mtn and glo. Their migration codes and call rates.

MTN, 9mobile, Glo & Airtel Cheapest Call Tariff Plans, Rates & Migration Codes.

If you intend to check out all the call plans for each of these service providers, you can make use of the links above.

In the mean time, below are the cheapest tariff for Nigeria telecom companies.

1.) Cheapest Glo Tariff Plan.

Glo jollific8 tariff has the cheapest call rate with about 20 minutes talktime with 100 Naira airtime recharge.

But it is only available for new customers as old customers can’t migrate to it.

glo cheapest call tariff plans

It is their default tariff and once you migrate away from it even as a new subscriber, you can’t migrate back to it.

So for the sake of this article, i will be choosing a plan that is cheap and also available for all subscribers.

Which is why am choosing glo 11 k/s prepaid plan (gbam plus) to be the best glo tariff plans with cheap call rate.


Daily access fee of 5 Naira. Meaning if you recharge 100 Naira and abandon the sim for 20 days, you will be left with 0 Naira.


11 kobo/second call rate for both local and international (to 30 countries) calls.

Among the 30 countries are US, UK, Germany, China, India.


100 Naira airtime recharge.

With a call rate of 11 kobo/second or 6.6 Naira/Min and 5 naira daily access fee.

Talktime = 95/6.6 = 14.39 minutes or 14 minutes 23 seconds.

Migration Code.

Dial *211# to migrate to glo gbam plus.

Just in case you are looking for the best glo data plans.

2.) Cheapest MTN Call Plan.

cheapest call rate on mtn Nigeia

Pulse still remain the cheapest mtn tariff plan. Not only that, it is one of the best tariff plan with affordable rate in Nigeria.

Call Rates.

22 Kobo Per Second or 13.2 Naira per Minute for the first 50 seconds.

11 Kobo per second or 6.6 Naira per Minute for the rest of the day.

100 Naira Airtime Talktime: 14 minutes 18 seconds.


  • 10MB on 100 Naira recharge and 20MB on 200 Naira recharge.
  • 500 Naira to get 1GB.
  • 25 Naira to get 500MB night plan.
  • Unlimited streaming on music+ for 10 Naira.

Migration Code.

Dial *406# or sms 406 to 131 to migrate.

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3.) Cheapest Airtel Call Tariff Plan.

cheapest call tariff plans rate on airtel

SmartTrybe is the best airtel call plan with affordable call rate. it is similar to mtn ipulse in benefits.

Talking of the 25 Naira for 500MB Night plan and 500 Naira for 1GB data bundles.

Call Rate.

11 Kobo per second or 6.6 N/min for both local and international calls. No hidden charges no access fee.

Talktime for 100 Naira recharge = 100/6.6 = 15 minutes 9 seconds.

Migration Code.

Dial *312# to migrate to airtel smarttrybe.

4.) Cheapest 9mobile/Etisalat Tariff Plan.

Most 9mobile tariff plans come with expensive call rates when it comes to calling other networks in Nigeria.

cheapest call rate on 9mobile

Also, most of their plans comes with some complications. You have to be careful when choosing which plan to migrate to on 9mobile network.

But as a new subscriber, 9mobile cliqlite is the best tariff plan with talktime of 19 minutes – 28 minutes with N100 recharge depending on which number you are calling.

Migration Code.

New subscriber should dial 200 and select option 5. While existing subscriber should dial *244*10#.

That’s all on the cheapest call plans for airtel, 9mobile, glo and mtn. Don’t forget to share this article using the social sharing buttons below.

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