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Car Wash Business in Nigeria ~ Cost & Equipment

There are lots of small to medium businesses in Nigeria that people usually over look, because they feel it is for some class or type of people in the circle. If you have been seeking or asking for businesses you can start up with little cash, I suggest you look towards the direction of car wash business in Nigeria. Car wash service is a very lucrative business that you may not even require to use your own money to run.

car wash business in nigeria

Let us look at the possibility of running a car wash service where you charge clients and then use part of the money to buy the things you need to wash the car. Here you won’t be needing to rent a place with your money, because you will be washing at the very place the car is parked.

You won’t spend money to buy water and other materials because you can easily use from the payment the client offered you to get these things. An at the end of the day, you would have made for yourself some cash and also some left over materials that you didn’t finish to use against a next wash.

How does this idea sound to you? Interesting or impossible? You can make it work.

Now if we consider the standard car wash business today in Nigeria, you will have to get some vital things in place before you can effectively run this business.

Although, the decision is yours to make when it comes to selecting the type and level of scale you would want to operate your business on, whether small, medium or the large scale type.

Know that your service determines your patronage because car owners will definitely wash their cars daily or at choice.

Here in this article, I will disclose to you all that you will need to start up and efficiently run your own car wash business in this country. Read on and thank me later, because you will be gaining a lot from this piece of information.

Requirements to Start Up a Car Wash Business in Nigeria

There is usually no business that doesn’t require a set of plan and preparation in order to have it running, car wash services is not an exemption. Before you think of running a service such as this, you should know the following and plan towards them.

1.) Conduct a Research

Lots of people fail in business mostly because they didn’t do the first and most important thing, which is survey and skill acquisition. It is ideal and a must for you to know and have an idea of the type of business you wish to start.

I advise you to at least visit some of these existing car wash locations you always admire, learn what they do and how they run their business. You may be required to pay a fee or it might be offered freely.

Visit and carry a research on how they wash and some secrets of the business. Learning these things will help you start up and go far in the business.

It will give you an edge to treat your clients better and provide awesome wash service. You will also be exposed to the various materials and equipment that costumers prefer the most.

2.) Start Up Fee (Capital)

Lots of business exist only in our dreams and imagination. This is so, because after your beautiful and flawless plans, you will definitely need money to execute it. The money might be from your personal savings, loan or an endorsement or sponsorship.

Your choice size or scale of business will determine the start up cash you will require to invest.

If you are running at a small scale, you will need a capital like about two hundred thousand (200,000) to half a million (500,000) Naira to start up.

As you read on, you will know why such an amount will be needed to kick start your service.

However a large amount of start up fee will be needed to execute a medium, large or exotic type, with more advanced and sophisticated automated machines. Good thing is that you can start from small to an exotic scale if you are focused.

3.) Pick a Suitable Location

Location count so much as an important factor for any business to survive and succeed.
People need to always see you to know what you do and how organized you are.

Depending on the size of your capital, your location should be considered. If you are running a small scale service, it is advised to get attached to an already existing business like a filling station or a big hotel where people always drive in for one or two activities.

If you wish to start it big, then you should get a spacious land either rented, leased or completely purchased so as to establish your service in a large and exotic format.

For any of the scales you choose and can afford, consider a business location with high traffic where there are frequent drives and parks.

4.) Get an Approval From the Right Authorities

There are unions and authorities responsible for business establishment of different kinds here in Nigeria. Your services are placed on check and regulations to know if the sewage and dirts coming from your enterprise will cause damage to the populace.

You will be required to prepare every necessary proposal and documents stating your type of business and materials you will be using and disposing. This agency will offer you a certificate to proceed or not to proceed, depending on their terms.

5.) Regular Water source

Car wash service revolves round the constant availability of water. For one to start up this business, he must consider how to get water easily and readily.

Sinking a borehole is best for car wash services so as to ensure steady supply of water.

However, in situations where your capital can not get one for you, what you should do is get big water tanks and ensure they are always filled with water to avoid wasting clients time.

That you are washing dirts off cars does not mean you should disregard the water quality you will be using. Clients will frown and might stop patronizing you if they find out that your water is dirty.

If the soul is blessed with water, you can dig a portable well instead of the high cost of sinking a borehole.

6.) Source of Power

Do you need this? Yes. You need a source of electricity to power your water pump connected to your borehole. I.e, if you have sunk one. In case you don’t have borehole, you will need power source (generator) to supply you light at night when it is dark. You should get one if you can afford it.

7.) Pressure Pump

Gone are the days when car washing service men use hands and cup to wash off dirts and foam from cars. These days, there are available water pressure pumps that you will need to flush off sticky dirts and sands from corners that your hands won’t be able to get to.

They are of various sizes and ranges of this machines that you will be able to afford.

All machines ranges from #50, 000 to around #200, 000, depending on your pocket size.

For large and exotic automatic car washing machines that are installable, such that you won’t have to use your strength or manpower to wash cars. All you need to do is just drive in and press the buttons.

8.) Get other Essential Materials

Materials like buckets, towels and mop, detergents/car wash soap, cups, and hand brushes are materials that you should get to aid your service.


To Start any business, you don’t have to look too far. All you need is just right at your disposal.

Car wash business in Nigeria and other countries are big lucrative business that people at all level go into.

Get this information and start up your own car wash service.

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