How to Check 9mobile Number with Code 2021

With the economy situation in Nigeria, there is nothing to be ashamed of if you happen to forget your phone number because there is a high probability you have many sin cards. I myself have over 10 sim cards across the 4 major networks. This article will focus on series of ways to check 9mobile number but the best method still remain with ussd.

check 9mobile number

By now, no one has to tell you 9mobile was formerly etisalat. They recently pulled out of Nigeria but their personnel and infrastructures are still intact. So basically, the only thing that changed is management.

That being said, let’s move on to the business of today.

Check 9mobile Number

To check the phone number of your 9mobile/etisalat line, just dial *248# and it will be displayed for you.

Other Methods to Know Your 9mobile Number

If for one reason or the other you cannot use the above code, you can also call their customer service centre by dialing 200 and ask them to tell you your number. Another way to get your number is to call someone else’s number or send sms to someone else’s number and you can note down your number when it shows up.

Should the need to check your phone number on mtn, airtel and glo become topic of discussion, do not hesitate to read my previous article on how to know all the mobile number for all networks in Nigeria.

Wrapping Up

With this code, you can surely get yourself numerous 9mobile sim cards without having to worry about remembering their phone number. All you have to do should you need their number is dial *248# and there it is staring at you. Kindly share this article using the social sharing buttons below.

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