Data Calculator ~ Estimate Volume Needed on MTN & Glo

How does determining the amount of data you will need in a month sounds? Cool right? Well Mtn and Glo recently integrated a tool on their website called Data Calculator. While we are still waiting on Airtel and 9mobile to join them, this article will explain its working principle. data calculator

It all started with Glo Nigeria introducing the tool in late July 2018. Even though numerous Nigerians thinks it is useless since it doesn’t mean reduction in data price or help in reducing data usage by getting rid of background apps, i think mtn disagrees and probably saw it as a brilliant idea which was why i believe they unveiled their own in early August.

How the Data Calculator Works.

The working principle is simple. You specify how long you spent doing certain things online in a day and the calculator will estimate how much data you need for a month.

Glo Data Usage Calculator.

Using the slider, you have options to choose the amount of data from 8 sections which include social media, browsing, instant messaging, Music streaming, hd & non hd videos, emails attachment and games. glo data calculator

Below are the parameters the calculation is based on. I mean the variables passed into the tool to make the estimations.

  • 1 hour of streaming videos (YouTube, Kwese Iflix, Netflix etc): 350mb for non HD and 1GB for HD.
  • 1 hour of Instant Messaging with video calls (Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype etc): 140mb.
  • 1 hour of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter): 200mb.
  • 1 hour of browsing: 60mb.
  • 1 hour of streaming music (Spotify, Apple Music etc): 60mb per hour.
  • 1 email sent or received (assuming 20% have attachment): 500kb.
  • 1 minute of connected game play: 60mb.

Manual Calculation Using the Parameters.

So like i said, the calculator is not doing anything special. It is just doing it faster. Using the above parameters, you can do the calculation yourself.

All you have to do is simple division or multiplication and addition.

For example if you spend 30 minutes on social media, you divide the 200mb needed for an hour by 2 which gives 100mb. If it is 2 hours, you multiple by 2 to give 400mb.

After doing the same thing for each sections, all you have to do is add them up and multiply by 30. You will get the same result as the calculator. But like i said earlier, the calculator will do it a lot faster.

Choosing 1 hr for the entire section except HD videos and email (where i select 5), i got 30,7675MB which approximate to 30.77GB which is the same result as the calculator.


  • The calculator does not calculate using 1MB = 1024KB and 1GB = 1024MB which will make 500KB = 0.49MB. It uses 1MB = 1000KB, 1GB = 1000MB and 500KB = 0.5MB.
  • Its one month is 31 days.
  • The base parameter they claim for Games is not what the calculator is using. They said 60mb per minute but the calculator is using 3mb per minute for its calculation.

Like i said, the glo calculator just estimates. It just give you an idea of how much data you might need. Take the videos streaming for example, quantity of data you will spend on YouTube will be different from that of Netflix.

The same thing applies to the rest of the section. So don’t start abusing somebody when you buy the exact amount of data the calculator estimates and it finishes before 31 days.

Go to the Glo calculator page ( to use it.

Mtn Data Volume Calculator.

This calculator functions the same way as Globacom’s. However, mtn slider and UI is much more better in my opinion. mtn data calculator

Below are the base parameters for mtn calculator.

  • 1 minute browsing online: 1 MB.
  • 1 minute on social media: 4 MB.
  • Send & receive emails 1 email (with no attachments): 20 KB.
  • Send & receive emails 1 email (with standard attachments): 300 KB.
  • 1 minute of playing online games: 3 MB.
  • 1 minute of streaming music: 2 MB.
  • 1 minute of streaming non-HD video content: 4 MB.
  • 1 minute of streaming HD video content: 15 MB.

Note that mtn calculator uses 30 days as a month. Follow the same procedure i shared above for manual calculation.

Go to mtn calculator ( page to use it.

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