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Donald Trump Launches All-Caps Twitter Rant Ahead of Predicted Arrest



Donald Trump Launches All-Caps Twitter Rant Ahead of Predicted Arrest

Ahead of what he predicted would be his impending arrest, Donald Trump expressed his blame via an all-caps rant on social media.

Flagged as ‘the one-time president’, Trump accused “communists, Marxists, Rinos and losers” of destroying America.

He also targeted the Soros-backed District Attorney (DA) in Manhattan for seemingly trying to “persecute, indict and persecute a former president of the United states”.

According to him, this DA had let “murderers, rapists and drug dealers walk free” while overseeing “the biggest violent crime wave in the history of NYC”.

The former president further demanded that citizens should protest to “take our nation back”.

An official spokesperson for Trump voiced concerns that certain federal agents were illegally leaking information to various news channels – something which could indicate imminent legal action against him.

However, at this juncture it’s still not verified if Mr Trump is actually facing any charges from the case of hush money paid to Stormy Daniels or indeed any other matter currently being investigated by both New York based prosecutors and two separate federal investigations led by Jack Smith from the Department of Justice.

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