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Elon Musk: Working from home is ‘not ideal’ and ‘not great’

by NaijNaira
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Elon Musk Working from home is 'not ideal' and 'not great'

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Elon Musk has received criticism for his comments on remote work, stating that it is “morally wrong” and unfair to those who cannot work remotely.

He referred to those who work remotely as the “laptop class” and likened the concept to the quote “Let them eat cake” attributed to Marie Antoinette.

Musk argued that it is hypocritical to expect service industry workers to go to work while others have the privilege of working from home.

He has been a strong advocate for return-to-office policies and imposed a strict policy at Tesla in June 2022, requiring employees to spend a minimum of 40 hours in the office per week.

Musk’s comments have generated a divided response on the internet, with many criticizing him for being tone-deaf and hypocritical.

In an hour-long interview, Musk also stated that he does not care about the consequences of his unfiltered views on Twitter, even if it means incurring financial losses.

He also acknowledged that Twitter may attempt to rehire some of the employees who were let go following his controversial takeover of the platform.

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