Extract Gif From YouTube Videos: What is .Gif File and How to Create One from Any YouTube

Extract Gif From YouTube Videos: What is .Gif File and How to Create One from Any YouTube.

Gif is an acronym for Graphics Interchange Format. Gif file might be an animated images or few seconds clip created with software or trimmed part of a video. This file format is shared everywhere on the internet including blogs, forums and social media sites. In case you are wondering how gifs are created, follow the steps in this article to extract gif from youtube. An animated GIF can loop endlessly and appears like it never finishes arriving. extract gif from youtube

You can create gif from any youtube videos with this tweak. Though there are some software and even website with more advance tools that can be used to create a professional gif, this method is easy and works perfectly. It is one of the best tips and tricks of youtube videos around.

How to Create Gif From Youtube By Adding Gif to YouTube Videos URL.

Most people thinks only the tech savvy guys can create gifs, but i will guide you with easy steps on how to extract gif from youtube. how to extract gif from youtube videos

  • Navigate to YouTube and open the video you want to extract animated gif from.
  • Drag your mouse pointer to the address bar and add gif to the video’s URL (immediately after https://www. and before youtube.com). Let’s say the original URL of the video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7l525dRYae4, add gif for it to become https://www.gifyoutube.com/watch?v=7l525dRYae4.
  • Hit the Enter key on your Keyboard, you will be redirected to gifs.com and it will automatically open the youtube video.
  • The next thing you need to do is set the start & end time, give it title and click on Create Gif to cut out that portion of the video. You are a step away to extract gif from youtube video.
  • On the left side bar of the page are tools you can use to customize the extracted animation video.
  • You can then download and share the gif file anywhere you want. get gif out of youtube videos

Extract Gif From YouTube Videos Using YouTube Share Button.

Another easy way you can turn youtube video to animated gif is by using the share option in the description box of the video. This method doesn’t work for all videos though. Below is how to extract gif from youtube using its share button.

  • Navigate to YouTube again and open the video you want to turn to gif.
  • Click Share in the description box and you should see GIF option to the right of email.
  • Click on the Gif option, set the start and end time and click on create GIF.
  • Your .gif file will be created and you will have direct link and embed link.

That’s all on how to extract gif from youtube, create gif from any youtube video. Kindly educate your social media friends by using the social media buttons below.

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