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FG Begins Talks with NLC over petrol and cash scarcity Planned Strike



FG Begins Talks with NLC over petrol and cash scarcity Planned Strike

The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) had threatened to go on strike due to the petrol and cash scarcity in the country.

However, the federal government has started a conciliatory move with the NLC to resolve the issue.

The minister of labour and employment, Chris Ngige, invited the NLC leadership and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to a meeting on Monday to discuss the matter.

Ngige stated at the weekly ministerial briefing that there is an ongoing dialogue regarding the issue and that the government has “apprehended” the situation.

The CBN has also taken steps to address the naira scarcity situation. The NLC’s national executive council will have a meeting to review the situation and chart a way forward.

The issue of discussion is no longer the strike, but the implementation and how it affects Nigerian workers and the general population.

The final decision will be made by NEC, and they will inform the minister and CBN of their resolution.

The government is working towards resolving the issue and maintaining status quo ante bellum.

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