Fidelity Transfer Code, Airtime & Recharge USSD

One of the best thing that happen to banking in Nigeria was the advent of mobile banking starting with mobile apps thanks to cheap android phones from the likes of Tecno, Infinix and iTel. Then CBN came up with cashless policy which further forced innovative banks like gtbank, first and access to push the envelop and came up with mobile ussd code. Today, most Nigerian banks have a functioning mobile banking code and one of its primary function is to send funds. Hence, this article on fidelity transfer code to educate the bank’s customers on how to get started with it.

fidelity transfer code

Gone are those days when you have to queue in bank to withdraw funds and have to enter another line to transfer. It’s even better if the recipient is using the same bank but worse and stressful if reverse is the case.

Then ATM (Automated Teller Machine) came along and queuing moved from inside the banking hall to outside. It was much more convenient when it became possible to perform transactions on other bank’s ATM but what really revolutionized the banking sector was the introduction of mobile banking ussd.

With this code (mostly 3-digit or 5 characters long) you can transfer, recharge airtime, check account balance, open a bank account etc without leaving your house or getting out of bed.

Do you know the most interesting part? You don’t need a smartphone to use it because it doesn’t require internet connection. Any device that can make and receive call or check airtime balance can get the job done.

Also, it works with all the major networks in Nigeria (mtn, airtel, glo & 9mobile) so far it is the number registered to your fidelity bank account. Security? There is nothing to worry about as you have to create a PIN upon registration to authenticate all transactions.

Lastly, it is available for use every hours of the day and night including weekends and public holidays.


To get started with this form of mobile banking, you have to register first and to do that, you must have met the following requirements.

  • Alertz Number: The number registered to your bank account.
  • Mobile Phone: Any device will do the job. So far it has a dialer.
  • Nuban Account Number: You need your 10 digit account number.
  • Mobile Code: Fidelity mobile banking ussd code.

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The feature of this platform is not limited to money transfer. You can also recharge airtime, check account balance, update BVN, pay for bills, cardless withdrawal etc.

If after meeting all the above requirements, you can then proceed to registration by following the simple steps below.

How to Register Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

  • Dial *770# with your alertz number.
  • Reply with 1 for instant banking.
  • Enter your 10-digit nuban account number.
  • Create and confirm a 4-digit transaction PIN.

You should see notification that you have successfully activated your number for fidelity instant banking.

Fidelity Transfer Code: Intra & Inter

The most used feature of this fidelity ussd code is to transfer money either to fidelity bank customers or those of other Nigerian banks.

It doesn’t matter if the recipient or beneficiary of the money you want to send also banks with fidelity or other Nigerian banks like first bank, UBA or FCMB, the transfer code is the same.

  • Dial *770*Nuban Account Number*Amount in Naira#.
  • Enter your 4-digit transaction or authentication PIN.

You should then receive notification of successful or failed transaction.

Let’s assume you want to transfer 30,000 Naira to account number 0123456789, just dial *770*30000*0123456789# >> 4-digit PIN. That’s it.

Fidelity Airtime Recharge Code

Top up is another most used feature of this mobile banking code. You can use it to recharge any number including your alertz number.

Self Recharge: Dial *770*Airtime Amount#. For number registered to your bank account.

Third Party Recharge: Dial *770*Mobile Phone Number*Airtime Amount# >> 4-digit PIN. To buy airtime for other numbers.

Fidelity Bank Account Balance

To know or check how much is left in your bank account, dial *770*0#.

There are other interesting features like;

  • Cardless Withdrawal: *770*8*Amount in Naira#.
  • Change PIN: *770*00#.
  • BVN Update: *770*02#.
  • Block Card: *770*911#.
  • Disable Instant Banking: *770*911*phone number to be blocked#.

Fidelity Code Limit & Transaction Charges

  • Daily Transfer Limit: 100,000 Naira.
  • Recharge Limit (Daily): 20,000 Naira.
  • Cardless Withdrawal Limit: 200,000 Naira.
  • Transfer Charges: 10, 20, 50 Naira depending on how much you are transferring.
  • Recharge Charges: Free.
  • Network Charges: 2-5 Naira varies with different telecommunication networks.

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