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First Bank Nigeria Exchange Rate Today December 2018

First Bank Nigeria Exchange Rate Today December 2018.

This article provide answers to some frequently asked questions about FBN exchange rates by Nigerians. Questions like what is first bank dollar to naira exchange rate today? first bank nigeria exchange rate today, first bank nigeria exchange rate December 2018, first bank dollar rate today, first bank exchange rate dollar to naira, dollar to naira first bank master card rate today, 1 dollar, 1 euro, 1 pounds to naira exchange rate today. first bank nigeria exchange rate today

Exchange rate of foreign currencies especially US dollar, Great Britain Pounds and Euro to Nigeria Naira is one of the daily hot topics among Nigerians today. Due to the current economy of the country and continuous fluctuation of naira value against the aforementioned foreign currencies, it is essential you know the current exchange rate of your bank before using their master or visa card to make transaction online (Foreign Site). Even though some Nigerian sites accept payments in USD, you will still be charge at the current dollar to naira rate of that bank.

Most Nigerian banks with the exceptions of GTB and Zenith bank buys foreign currencies at cbn exchange rate, but sells little less than black market rate. I have written articles on Gtbank exchange rate, dollar to naira, euro to naira and pounds to naira exchange rate. You can check them out and may be even bookmark those pages for daily updates. Let’s talk about First Bank Nigeria exchange rate today dollar to naira, euro to naira first bank rate and first bank pounds to naira rate December 2018.

First Bank Nigeria Dollar to Naira Exchange rate today: 1 USD to N365 Naira.

First Bank Exchange rate today Pounds to Naira: 1 Pounds to N480 Naira.

FirstBank Exchange rate of Euro to Naira today: 1 Euro to N430 Naira.


  • Since the exchange rate varies almost every hour, you may be charged a little less or more than what you see above. Usually + or – 10 Naira.
  • When most banks buy USD or GPB or Euro from you and give you naira, they use the current cbn exchange rate but when they are selling to you and collecting naira, they do so at a price which is a little less than the black market rate.

That’s it on First bank Nigeria exchange rate today November 2018. Kindly take few seconds of your time to share this article using the social media buttons below. Stay tuned for other Nigerian banks like Diamond bank, UBA and Zenith bank exchange rate for 2018/2019.

Updated: December 7, 2018 — 11:00 pm

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  1. can I make international payments with my debit card in dollars

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