Fix Whatsapp is Denied to Start Sound Recording

Alongside normal chatting, whatsapp messenger also support making voice call and sending voice messages. Whatsapp video calling is even on it way. Downloading the latest whatsapp messenger will give you access to all these features. In case you notice that your whatsapp voice message not working, it means you have deny whatsapp the use of your recorder once. This means you won’t be able to use the voice message feature again, at-least until you give it permission to do so using the permission manager in your device settings. The location of permission manager may not be the same for your device as the one am using (Xiaomi redmi note 2 running MIUI developer Rom 6.4.28), so if you are not using a Xiaomi device, you should use the second method. Here is how to fix whatsapp is denied to start sound recording or whatsapp voice message not working on android device.

Fix Whatsapp is Denied to Start Sound Recording on Xiaomi Devices Running MIUI Rom

To use whatsapp voice message, you have to hold the microphone button that replaces the send button for chatting to record the voice message you want to send and release it when you are through. If the permission status is set to notify, whatsapp will ask you to deny or allow recording voice message and calls. If you deny it once, you will have to go to permission manager to enable it before you can send voice message.

  • Navigate to Settings on your Xiaomi Android device running MIUI rom.
  • Scroll down to where you see Installed apps and tap on it.
  • Look for whatsapp among those apps, probably the last, as the apps are arrange alphabetically.
  • Tap on whatsapp and scroll down to Permission Manager, then tap on it
  • Look for Record Audio, tap on it and three options will pop up (Accept, Notify and Deny).
  • To enable the use of voice message on your device, choose Accept.
  • There you have it on how to fix whatsapp is denied to start sound recording on Xiaomi running MIUI.

Fix Whatsapp is Denied to Start Sound Recording on Android Devices Running Stock Android Rom

However, if your device is running Android stock rom, follow the steps below to fix whatsapp is denied to start sound recording on android device by changing permission settings.

  • Go to Settings >> Security and Privacy >> Application Permissions >> Start Sound Recording.
  • Tap on WhatsApp.
  • Then select always allow. To avoid future problems like this, just grant whatsapp all permissions.
  • There you have it on how to fix whatsapp is denied to start sound recording on Android devices.

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