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Food business in Nigeria – Full Details

Food is an essential source of live. It is one of the basic amenities that live depend so much on along side clothes and shelter. The need for food supply can never be extinguished as long as there is life. This is why those who are engaged in food business in Nigeria like restaurants, fast food, groceries stores, farm and food supply will continue to grow and make serious cash on a daily basis.

food business in nigeria

Those involved in food production, processing and packaging like Golden penny, Dangote, Nestlé and local food vendors make steady income.

Perusing on restaurant business in Nigeria, is shows this is one of the businesses that has been creating millionaires in the country for scored of decades. This should give you a reason to consider setting up your own restaurant weather you can cook or not(then you have to get a chef).

Running a well planned and organized restaurant is capable of leaving you with mouth watering profit from everyday sales. One of the good things are that, you will definitely become an employer of labor, because you will need people to assist you in running errands and serving costumers.

No matter how broken the economy is, people will surely eat. This alone should give you the motivation you need to plan aright.

Food Business in Nigeria 2020

With as low as #200,000 you will have good and nice restaurant set up. Although, you can start up very big if you have the cash.

With this little investment of start up fee, you are capable of making close to #10,000 daily for a start. I know people who make above #20,000 pure profit from this business.

In this article, I will be telling you all that you need start up your restaurant business in Nigeria and make a very reasonable daily profit that will turn your sadness to joy. Read along as we solve this problem.

First things to do before setting up your restaurant

Every successful business venture has to put one or two things together, think through and have a deep understanding of the business before execution. Here are vital things to do before starting.

1.) Determine the type you want to start

There are various scales businesses exist, which are large, medium and small. It is your duty to study, check and choose your type based on the plan you have and the amount of finance you have at your disposal. Picking your scale and the type of restaurant you wish and can handle will greatly help you grow, manage and expand your business. Will you be preparing local dishes like swallows and rice, snacks and drinks or the combination? You need to check based on your ability.

2.) Write a plan

A well and properly written out business plan will go a long way in helping you stay focused and manage your business. However, you can just have a concise plan that will always be up in your mind. Having a plan will help you know when to expand your business and how to strategize in serving costumers so as to keep them coming back.

3.) Get started

When these two things are well calculated and implemented, you are set to start up with getting your start up capital, a place and the likes of them as discussed below. Read on to see and know what you need to get set for the food business.

Things to Put in Place for your Restaurant

After knowing the first things to do as discussed above before setting up your enterprise, it pertinent to know the things to get ready in order to have it established.

1.) Get your Capital

Business set requires enough capital so as to have it working. Depending on your choice and type of food business, you will need a matching capital to start up.

For a small small scale, you should be looking at around #200,000 start up capital. This money will be used to rent a shop, buy little decorations, cooking utensils and the raw material you wish to prepare.

You get to expand as time goes on. For the large scale, you will be needing about #500,000 to #1,000, 000 to get a place, but machines, better furniture, and get a employees that will help serve costumer and even cook and prepare different delicacies for you.

While for the large scale, you will need capitals in millions to build or lease a place, have the building segmented and well arranged. Of course, you will need more workers to tend costumers.

2.) Get a Space / Shop

Getting a place is very important for any business. However, an open and a busy place is a sure bet. Get a spacious place in case you wish to expand your business and employ more hands. You can either rent, lease or purchase a place for your business. Ensure it is decorated and neat to attract costumers.

3.) Get Kitchen Utensils

There is a kitchen for any and every type of food business you can think of. Although, the size differ, so also will the utensils. You need sets of pots, spoons, plate, cups and other cutleries. Ensure you keep these stuffs clean so as not to scare costumers away with dirty utensils.

4.) Get your Shop Set Up

Make your space as beautiful and attractive as possible. Get nice colors and fancy chairs and tables, nice choice of paints and decorations, clean floor and environment and always clean your tables and chairs.

5.) Employ a Cook

You need a cook to help you with some delicacies and also to help speed up the cooking. If you don’t want to get stressed out too quickly, you need a help with kitchen work.

6.) Get other Workers

You definitely will need workers and servers. They will help you serve costumers and reach out to larger costumers, while you serve the ones that come around to eat at the shop.

7.) Have Manners

The manner in which you attend to your costumers will tell how far you go in the business.

Be nice to costumers, cook delicious and tasty meals. You can offer to supply food to your costumers at their doorsteps. Also get hand wash, hand wipe and toothpick.


Food business in Nigeria is lucrative and have tendencies to expand amidst poor economy because people will always eat.

This guide will help you if followed rightly.

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