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Gas Business In Nigeria – Complete Guide 2020

Have you been thinking and planning on how to start your own cooking gas business in Nigeria and you don’t know how to? Today is going to be your lucky day, as you will be getting to know all you need to have this lucrative business running.

gas business in nigeria

Having ran a check and visitation to various gas plants and local gas selling points, I have decided to share this useful information to those who wish and have been desiring to know about this business. Friends of mine who are into this business rake unimaginable profit back home on a daily basis.

As time goes by, things change and inventions take place. This is true. Back in the days, it used to be firewood, then kerosene and coal pots. These days, we have come to the wide and common use of cooking gas to cook and do other food preparation at home.

Cooking gas is mild and does not emit harmful smoke to impede your sight or blacken your cooking utensils. It is very fast compared to the above mentioned methods of cooking(firewood and kerosene). You tend to be fast in cooking and it can cook food in few minutes.
Our young women love this and can hardly do without it today.

The need to cook is inseperable with man’s existence. As long as there is life, man has to eat to fill his stomach. This is why the business of cooking gas can never be put out completely.
Although, using this substance to cook can be really hazardous, especially when there is gas leakage or inappropriate management of the gas cylinder. Little match strike or fire can raze a whole building down leading to lose of lives and properties.

In this post, I will share with you what you need to start and run your own gas business successfully, in both urban and rural environments. Read along to find out.

What is the cost of starting Gas Business in Nigeria?

I was with a friend who does this business some time ago and I engaged him to a conversation on this matter, asking him what it takes to start up this business. Interestingly, what I gathered was very comforting and encouraging.

I got to know based on his breakdown that this business won’t cost you up to N300,000, including your shop rent and getting the gas and other necessary stuffs. Though, it depends on your location when talking about shop rent. I know some cities and locations can charge up to N100,000 to N200,000 just for rent annually.

Let’s assume you get a place less than N100,000, you will then have to buy the big gas cylinders filled with gas. 100kg of gas will cost you less than N25,000. Let’s say you buy 200kg.
That’s about N50,000, plus your rent and other stuffs, you will spending less than N200,000.

Now, when you get these big gas cylinders, you can then retail to household users at your own price. Since you buy a unit less than N250, you can sell a kilogram at N300 or N320 depending on your location and amount you bought.

You can finish the 200kg in a day if your location is sited in a busy or known area. It means you will be making N50 to N70 on each kilogram multiply by 200kg. That gives N10,000 to N14,000 for the two cylinders. If this goes on for 30 days, it means you will be making N300,000 to N420,000 monthly. Now you see how massive the profit is.

You can also sell domestic gas cylinders of various volumes, 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg and so on along side the service you render to costumers.

Things Needed to Start this Business

There are couple of things you need to put in place before starting this business. Check them out.


This i have mentioned above. You need money to get this business running. A minimum of N200,000 will do for a start. Unless you wish to install a movable gas tank. Installing a tank will cost you more but it’s good if you can afford it.


This is very important. Getting a good location for your business will help accelerate the growth of your business as passer by will see you easily and patronize you. Make sure your location is somewhere not close to fire source to avoid fire outbreak. Keep filled gas cylinder away from direct heat to avoid explosion.


Cooking gas is volatile and highly inflammable. You need to get a proper training on how to handle the gas, cylinder and valves properly. Get attached to a retailer to teach you all the tricks and ways of handling the gas to avoid injury to self and costumers.
The trainer will lead you and teach you the secrets and where to buy good and quality product.

A Brand Name

This will help you stand out. A lot of people take for granted business name. Don’t do it. Get one and let it be where costumers will easily see it and call you by the name. It gives them a sense of familiarity.

Essentials for the Business

After getting all the things mentioned above, you need to get the following, which are very important also. They include.

  • Weighing scale
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Pliers
  • Long transparent hose
  • Regulator
  • Gas cylinders
  • Valves
  • Screw driver
  • Thick towel
  • Bucket of water

Final Word

Cooking gas business in Nigeria is taking over the environments even in rural areas. You need to put in a good work to make costumers. This requires adopting some special strategies like offering house delivery, price reduction and also filling the cylinder with gas with exclusion of air.

No one wants to waste money filling his cylinder only to discover that it didn’t last as it should.

Get good product that wont evaporate and fill costumers cylinder rightly.

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In case you have other ideas on this topic, kindly drop it at the comment section. Thank you.

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