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Glo 4G LTE Network: Get and Activate 4G Sim Card

Globacom Nigeria has been secretly setting up Glo 4G LTE network and surprised everybody with the announcement couple of days ago. You will remember that MTN also makes their 4G available to all locations in the country few days ago. The 4G network has been launched in 15 Nigerian cities which includes Abuja, PHC, Lagos, Yola, Jos, Zaria, Benin, Eket and Warri.glo 4g data

November 2018 Update: The 4G network is available in all the 36 states of the federation and over 202 Universities in the country.

To verify GloNG 4G LTE is in your city, dial *777# and reply with 5 (4G-LTE Coverage). Their 4G data plans are the same as that of the 3G plans with the exception of the N500 for 1.6GB with 7 days validity.

Glo 4G Data Plans 2019.

To subscribe to Glo NG 4G plans, dial *777# and reply with 1 (4G LTE Data Services). Select the plan that suits you, below are some of them.

  • 1.6GB for N500 (Valid for 7 days).
  • 3.2GB for N1000 (Valid 30 days).
  • 7.5GB for N2000 (Valid for 30 days).
  • 10GB for N2500 (Valid for 30 days).
  • 12GB for N3000 (Valid for 30 days).

May 2017 Update: Glo 3G and 4G data has been merge as one, so any data you buy on your normal Glo sim or 4G sim can be use on any device. Also 4G sim can now work on 3G phones receiving 3G reception.

How to Use Glo LTE Network on Your Phone.

Glo deployed their 4G service on FDD band 28 (700mhz), so you must first confirm the new 4G network from Glo is compatible with your phone by sending 4G to 400 as a text message.

Go to the nearest Glo office and swap your Sim for 4G Sim or buy a new 4G sim card and register or activate it.

To use GloNg 4G network on your PC, you need a Glo NG 4G router or any Universal MiFi, because it won’t work on normal modems. You can also connect via hotspot from a smart phone compatible with their 4G network.

As we are patiently waiting for Etisalat and Airtel to launched their own band of 4G, let’s know what you think of Glo 4G LTE.

20 thoughts on “Glo 4G LTE Network: Get and Activate 4G Sim Card”

  1. Can I switch frm my fone to 3G if my 4G fone is faulty, bcos nw my fone is bad nd i ve only 3G fone nd am having 4G sim so pls can i still b using it. 10ks 4 usual cooperation.

  2. Mr Author, u are wrong. 4g sims can work on a 3g phones. The 3g signal will work on ur 3g phone, but the 4g signal won’t.

    1. Have you tried it before? and not just your opinion. I subscribed on my 4G SIM when it was launched and it refuse to work on my 3G phones. So please only say what works for you and not what you think. Thanks for taking your time to comment, really appreciate it.

  3. All 4G LTE Sims works on 3G Phone Except the Sim don’t Support CDMA,GSM,HSDPA which the Bands of the offered Frequency too

  4. I just swapped my 3g sim to 4g,before it was showing H+ or E, after d swapped to 4 g it’s still showing H+ what’s the issue? I use a 4g phone.

      1. What phone do you use? Just cos your phone is a 4G one doesn’t mean it would work on a Glo 4G sim except on this two scenarios:
        1. You have a 4G phone that has the Glo 4G band(band 28 which is very rare)
        2. You have a 4G phone and you are located in a city or town with the latest Glo 4G band of 3 and your 4G phone supports that band too.

        And the easiest option is usually to buy a universal mifi that supports the Glo 4G band 28.

  5. Am using a 4G lite phone and blackberry 4 that matter and is Glo that am using which the wrote 4G on the paper the time I bought the Sim but it is just showing H+,sometimes E+ and my bb is 4G lite smartphone but when I tried the aitel 4G as I slot it in my phone I saw the 4G sign on top and I used it 2 browse come and see the speed of the network, am highly disapointed in glo.

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