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Glo Borrow Me Data: Latest Glo Nigeria News on How to Borrow Data from Glo, Reloaded Double Free Tomorrow, IDD Packs and Gbam Plus Tariff Plan

Glo Borrow Me Data: Latest Glo Nigeria News on How to Borrow Data from Glo, Reloaded Double Free Tomorrow, IDD Packs and Gbam Plus Tariff Plan.

Globacom Nigeria welcomes all its new, old and about to customers to November 2016 with awesome deals on both Data and Tariff plans. Among which includes Glo borrow me data, Glo double free tomorrow, Glo IDD and Glo Gbam Plus tariff. glo borrow me data

In this article you will learn how to borrow data from Glo Nigeria, benefits of double free tomorrow, IDD packs, Glo Gbam + and how to migrate to each plan.

Glo data plans are the best in Nigeria when it comes to affordability, but the only down side is that their network is slow in some part of the country. Glo Gbam Plus tariff also offers one of the cheapest call rate in Nigeria.

Glo Borrow Me Data.

Borrow me data is a new offer/product/plan launched by Globacom, it allows you to borrow up to 2GB of internet data credit from Glo and pays back anytime you recharge your line/number. This is similar to MTN Xtrabytes that was launched couple of months ago.


There are two criteria that determines if your line/Glo number is eligible for Glo borrow me Data. Though both boils down to the fact that you must be an active Glo customer.

  • How long you have been on Glo network.
  • Your average monthly Data Usage.

How to Borrow Data from Glo and How to Pay Back.

Dial *321# and follow the On Screen menu Options. The method of payment is similar to when you are paying back borrowed airtime. You will be debited/charge the equivalent airtime amount of the data borrowed whenever airtime recharge is made.

Other than Glo borrow me data, three existing products which includes Glo Gbam Plus, Glo double free tomorrow and Glo IDD Packs were reloaded.

Glo Gbam Plus Tariff Plan.

This is one of the best tariff plan with affordable call rate for both local and international calls in Nigeria. It charges you 11 kobo/Sec for every call made within Nigeria and outside Nigeria. The 11k/s call rate applies to 30 international destinations which include United Kingdom, United States, Canada, South Africa, India, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Israel and Australia. Others are Bangladesh, Brunei, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, French Guiana, Guam, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island, Romania and Singapore.

There is a catch though as you will be charged a daily access fee of N5 naira. Dial *211# to start enjoying cheap call rate like never before.

Glo Double Free Tomorrow.

Like MTN iPulse, Glo double free tomorrow is one of the most advertised Glo plan. You must have came across its advert on Newspaper, YouTube, Tv etc.

Double free tomorrow offers you 200 % percent of the total amount you spent on data, call and SMS today for free tomorrow. That’s if you spent N300 naira today, you will get N600 naira tomorrow. The bonus can be use for anytime from making local and international calls to browsing and sending SMS.

Dial *300# to start enjoying this Glo offer.

Glo IDD Packs.

This enables Nigerians to make calls to 30 major international destinations which include United States, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, India, China and Japan for as low as N6.60.

Under this plan, there are 4 different packages. There is an IDD 100 that gives subscribers 12 minutes of calls and valid for 3 days, IDD 200 offers subscribers 24 minutes of calls and it’s valid for 7 days, IDD 500 that gives 60 minutes of calls for 14 days and IDD 1000 that allows 150 minutes of calls and valid for 30days.

That’s all on Glo borrow me data, Gbam Plus, IDD Packs and Double free tomorrow. Kindly take a moment to share this article with your friends and family using the social sharing buttons below.

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Updated: November 24, 2016 — 12:11 pm

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