Glo Night Plan Browsing Code & Price 2021

The way glo night plan works is that you get more data volume for lesser price. That’s (i.e) you pay far below the normal amount you would have if you are to purchase a bundle usable anytime of the day and night. Glo like every telecommunication companies in Nigeria has their own night plan.

glo night plan

Globacom’s main night browsing used to be the most expensive but thanks to the revision mtn did to theirs in Mid-August 2018, Nigerians now consider them.

If you are looking for the best plan for night browsing, i think you should consider airtel’s. Why? Because as it stands, they currently have the cheapest.

But make sure their network is good in your location. Because let’s face it, what is the use of data volume you can’t use?

Glo Night Plan ~ Subscription Code, Price & Validity

Globacom actually has only one plan for the night surfers but there is a weekend plan dubbed TGIF (Thank God is Friday) that can be used in the night during the week and 24/7 in the weekend.

25 & 50 Naira for 250MB & 500MB

Just dial *777# and follow the on screen guide to subscribe to one that suits your need.

200 Naira for 1GB

This is their main night plan. It allocate 1GB of data volume to you in exchange for 200 naira.

Its validity is just a night and only usable between 12AM – 5AM.

  • To buy or subscribe, send 60 to 127 as sms or dial *127*60#.

500 Naira for 3GB

It is a weekend + night plan with 7 days validity. It gives you 3GB of data volume in exchange for your 500 naira.

During week days (Monday – Friday), it is only usable between the hours of 12AM – 5AM while on weekends, you can use it to surf from 12AM on Saturday to 11:59 PM on Sunday.

  • To purchase this night bundle, text 61 to 127 or dial *127*61#.

People keep asking about glo 25 naira for 500mb plan code. So let’s clear the air once and for all, it doesn’t exist. It is currently only available for airtel though MTN used to have it too, but not anymore.

Another thing people won’t stop asking is how to check data balance. You can either text INFO to 127 or dial *777# >> 1 >> 4 >> 4. And for those who want to know how to cancel auto renewal, the best method in my experience is to contact customer care.

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