Glo Oga Data That Gives Over 100% Extra Explained

Before you jump into conclusion that this new data bonus from glo isn’t for you, i think you might want to get yourself a Glo 4G Sim and tell me if you still feel the same way afterwards. Glo Oga double data is a promotional offer that gives subscribers up to 125% extra data volume. glo oga

So couple of weeks ago, Airtel Nigeria introduced a bonus offer dubbed Airtel small money big data that gives 200% extra and voila they gained massive new subscribers while the rest of the telcos giant in the country saw a drop in subscribers.

Couple of days after that NCC report, Glo introduce Oga sim card bonus offering 125% data bonus on all their plans. Then 9mobile introduced 4.5GB for 500 which would have been a better offer compare to the aforementioned duo but its validity period is 5 days.

I think it is safe to deduce that the latest trend in Nigeria’s telecom industry is mouth watering bonus data offers to gain subscribers. We are still waiting for mtn to come up with their own though. In the mean time, here is how to start enjoying oga double data from glo.

Glo Oga Sim Card Double Data Promo.

The first thing you need to understand is that this offer works only with Glo 4G enabled sim cards but your phone doesn’t have to support 4G LTE band to get the bonus.

So if your sim is not 4G, you can either upgrade your 3G sim or get a new lte sim card to start enjoying oga. However, even if you are using 4G sim, you have to renew your subscription before it expire to get the bonus.

If you haven’t subscribe to any data plan with your glo sim for the past 90 days, you are eligible for the double data. But anything lesser than that, you will only get this double bonus for the second subscription (if you renew before the first expire).

Facts About This Glo 125% Data Bonus.

Here are the highlight of the requirement or eligibility factors for this glo double data.

  • Your Glo sim must be 4G.
  • Current data must be renewed to get the bonus.
  • Glo sim that has been in active for more than 90 days get the bonus on first subscription.
  • Those sim that has been inactive for less than 90 days will be the double data on second subscription provided they renew before the first expires.
  • You get 125% data bonus on all standard data plans.
  • The bonus account will be active for 3 months. Meaning you will stop receiving the double data after 90 days.
  • Even though it works for only 4G sims, your device doesn’t have to be 4G enabled to use it. Just make sure 3G network is fast in your location.

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