How to Load Glo Card ~ Recharge Code 2020

To be honest with you, i can’t believe i will be writing about this topic in 2020. Why? Because the last time i top up my line through recharge card was like 5-6 years ago. But then, as a member of different groups on social media, it came to my attention that numerous Nigerians still don’t know how to load glo card. Hence, this my write up on glo recharge code and every other details you might need.

how to load glo card

The first thing that kept bugging my mind was that is it that these people are new to the network or it is just that they failed to memorize the code over years.

Second thing is that, who still load physical recharge card these cards? I mean you can easily load airtime from your banks either through ussd code or mobile banking apps without leaving the confort of your bedroom.

See technology has made a lot of things very easy and we shouldn’t be scared to follow the trend when it comes to things like this. They are innovations / inventions designed to make things easier for us.

But then, it might just be that you don’t have data to access your mobile apps. I will address this issue later by explaining how to still recharge from your bank without internet access or your bank’s mobile banking code.

So, let’s get to it folks.

How to Load Glo Card in 2020

The code to recharge your sim on glo network is *123*15 digit PIN#. The 15 digit PIN is the card number.

Immediately you dialed the aforementioned code, the smart thing to do right after that is to confirm that the recharge is successful.

So, dial *124# >> reply with 1 for check airtime balance. You will immediately receive a pop up message telling you exactly that.

Final Note

Remember that this is just the official way to load card on any glo sim. But there are occasion whereby you are on a special call plan like Glo Amebo or Jollific8 that requires you loading the card with a special code so you can enjoy the benefits of such plan.

However, if you are like me that like to load directly from my bank account but also doesn’t like having too much mobile apps on my smartphone, there is a universal code for that.

The telecom giant calls it glo simple recharge and with it you can recharge from most bank (not all) account connected to that phone number you are dialing it from.

To use glo simple recharge, just dial *805# and follow the on-screen instructions for successful recharge.

Basically, you will have to choose you want airtime for yourself or third party, select which bank and convince them you actually own that account by entering your PIN or related security measure put in place.

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