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Gmail Two Step Verification: How to Set Up Google Two Factor Authentication

Gmail Two Step Verification: How to Set Up Google Two Factor Authentication.

In today’s digital world, keeping your email account secure to the best of your ability is very essential, to make it less vulnerable to cyber-attack. One of the best way of doing this is to enable gmail two step verification. It can also be referred to as google two factor authentication or google mail two factor authentication or google account two factor authentication. Once set up on your gmail, it covers all of your Google accounts. gmail two step verification

As we are all aware of, 65-70% of internet users back up precious stuff in the cloud and in one way or the other, your email address is required. Virtually all internet users have google account especially Android (the most used mobile operating system in the world) users which is a must for them to own it. As i have said earlier, personal and confidential stuff are store on the internet making use of our email address to enhance easy accessibility. Today, our aim and objective is to guide you on how to protect your email address which in turn will reduce the risk of your personal life been a subject or victim of cyber-attack. This take us to what is Gmail two step verification? how to set up/turn On google two factor authentication and turn off gmail two factor verification.

What is Google Two Factor Authentication or Gmail Two Step Verification.

Gmail two step verification or Google two step authentication which is also called Google two factor authentication is a feature which when turned On, add another layer of security to your Google account for anyone who uses it for E-mail or apps. Turning On this feature on your Google account requires you to take two steps before you can be allowed to login into your account.

  • Signing in to Google account using your Username and Password like before.
  • After that, you will receive a six digit verification code as a text message or phone call on an associated phone number.

Meaning even if someone was able to crack your password, He/She will need to be in possession of your phone. I know what you are thinking but do not worry i will share you a method to avoid waiting for that six digit verification code every time you want to login into your Google account on your PC.

How to Set Up Gmail Two Step Verification.set up phone number on google two factor authentication

  • Visit Gmail two step verification page (
  • Click on Get Started and log in with your Gmail Username and Password.
  • Set up your phone by confirming the phone number you will be using to receive the six digit code. Also, select how you want to receive the six digit code which can be via text message or Phone call.
  • It is time to confirm that it works, click on Try it and you will receive a verification code on your phone in a matter of seconds either via text message or Phone call. Enter the received code and click on Next.
  • Click the TURN ON button to enable gmail two step verification.turn On google two step verification

You will be taken to a new page where you can manage your google two step authentication. You can Turn it off, change the phone number to receive the six digit on, add even extra layer of security to your two step verification using security key or dongle. Here, you can also set up alternative second step in case you lost your phone or away from.

Back Up Your Phone Number.

In case you lost your phone, before you retrieve your lost number you can log in to your Gmail account by receiving the gmail two step verification code on another number which can be your second number or a trusted friend or family number. Go to myaccount ( >> Sign in and security >> 2-step verification >> Backup phone and click on ADD PHONE link.

Apart from adding a back up number, You can also print a one-time passcodes which you can use to log in when you are away from your phone. Click on SETUP under Backup Codes.

You can also use Authenticator app that you can use to get free verification codes, even when your phone is offline. Which is available for iPhone and Android.

Still on the gmail two step verification page, you can tell Google to trust your current computer and you will not be asked for gmail two step verification code anytime you try to log in from that computer. But for unsecured computers and devices, You will need to enter both the password and the pass code anytime you want to log in to your account. That is how easy it is to enable gmail two step verification.

How to Turn Off Gmail Two Step Verification.

Go to myaccount ( >> Sign in and security>> 2-step verification >> Sign in with your username, password and six digit code >> Click on the blue TURN OFF button. turn off google two step verification

This gmail feature is not available for Nigerians, but you can go around that by using NextPlus App to get yourself a US phone number. Select US when prompt. Check how to get free US Phone number from Nigeria using NextPlus here.

There you have it on how to turn On or enable Gmail two step verification and also manage & turn Off Google two factor authentication. Kindly share this tutorial using the social buttons below and stay tuned for guide on gmail two way verification using security Key.

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Updated: March 16, 2018 — 9:27 pm

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