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Google Plans Massive Change in Gmail: What You Need to Know

by NaijNaira
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Google Plans Massive Change in Gmail What You Need to Know

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Gmail is undergoing a permanent makeover and soon users across the world will begin experiencing the updated interface.

This revamps of the popular email service was announced back in February 2022 and looks to bring Google Workspace’s video conferencing, chat options and more into one place.

The changes will be rolled out automatically over the coming days so users won’t need to do anything to activate the new design.

For most Gmail users, who have already been able to preview this version of Gmail since November 2022, reverting back to its original look will no longer be an option.

With the updated Gmail interface, emails will still remain front and centre but now appear slightly further to the right to provide space for a new sidebar on the left which houses shortcuts for Chat, Spaces and Meet.

A second sidebar featuring quick links for Calendar, Tasks, and Keep can also be seen on the right side of your screen.

Notifications are all placed together too with visible bubbles indicating a new message or chat waiting to be responded to.

It comes into effect for all Google Workspace customers except those using Google Workspace Essentials while G Suite Basic and Business customers will also get this update.


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