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Gtbank Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Today December 2018

Gtbank Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Today {December 2018}.

For daily update on one US dollar to Nigerian naira exchange rate in black market, visit our previous article on dollar naira exchange rate and bookmark it. Today’s article will be on (Guarantee Trust bank) Gtbank dollar to naira exchange rate today.  Gtb bank rate today, Gtbank exchange rate today December 2018. Gtbank 1 dollar, 1 euro, 1 pounds to naira exchange rate today. gtbank dollar to naira exchange rate today

Even though Nigerian CBN has pegged the dollar at N305 naira exchange rate for inter bank market, dollar to naira exchange rate varies with different commercial banks in Nigeria. Some of these banks (GTB & Zenith) charge at the same rate as black or parallel market which varies every few hours. This fluctuation of dollar naira rate in parallel market also affects Gtbank dollar to naira exchange rate daily. Which is why this post will be updated every time we have a confirmed naira to dollar exchange rate Gtbank is charging its customers.

June 2017 Update: It turns out that GTbank had joined other banks in charging at the black market rate as at May 2017. They increased their exchange rate of dollar from 320 to 382, euro rate from 346 to 419 and pounds exchange rate from 406 to 494. God help this country.

Gtbank Dollar to Naira Exchange rate today: 1 USD to N365 Naira.

Gtbank Exchange rate today Pounds to Naira: 1 Pounds to N472 Naira.

Gtbank Euro to Naira Exchange rate today: 1 Euro to N418 Naira.

Gtb Canadian Dollar Exchange rate to Naira today: 1 CAD to N284 Naira.

Other Nigerian Banks Exchange Rate 2018.

Here are the mastercard dollar, euro and pounds exchange rates of other Nigerian banks to Naira.

Access Bank Exchange Rate Today.

  • Dollar: 367.
  • Euro: 435.
  • Pounds: 495.
  • Canadian Dollar {CAD}: 285.

Zenith Bank Exchange Rate Today.

  • Dollar: 367.
  • Euro: 453.
  • Pounds: 470.
  • Canadian Dollar {CAD}: 283.

FCMB Exchange Rate Today.

  • Dollar: 370.
  • Euro: 410.
  • Pounds: 500.
  • Canadian Dollar (CAD): 286.

Fidelity Bank Exchange Rate Today.

  • Dollar: 375.
  • Euro: 429.
  • Pounds: 485.

Ecobank Exchange Rate Today.

  • Dollar: 366.
  • Euro: 420.
  • Pounds: 472.
  • Canadian Dollar (CAD): 280.

Sterling Bank Exchange Rate Today.

  • US Dollar: 363.
  • Euro: 418.
  • Pounds: 480.
  • Canadian Dollar (CAD): 277.

Skye Bank Exchange Rate Today.

  • US Dollar: 368.
  • Great Britain Pound: 492.
  • Euro: 429.

UBA Exchange Rate Today.

  • US Dollar: 362.
  • Pounds: 487.
  • Euro: .

Wema Bank Exchange Rate.

  • US Dollar (USD): 367.

Stanbic IBTC Exchange Rate Today.

  • Dollar: 366 Naira.
  • Pounds: 479 Naira.
  • Euro: 432.

The Gtbank dollar to naira exchange rate today is the close amount in naira you will be charged for one dollar when you use Gtbank naira mastercard on a foreign site or for foreign transaction online. The amount they charged you is the amount they are selling dollar to you, while the amount you get when you exchange one dollar to naira is the amount they are buying from you. Usually the amount they buy is less than CBN dollar to naira exchange rate, while they sell at black market dollar to naira rate.

Note that the amount you will be charged might be slightly different from the above amount, because there are several factors that determine exchange rate.

That’s it on Gtbank dollar to naira exchange rate today. This answer what is Gtbank exchange rate of dollar to naira today in Nigeria? how much is exchange rate of dollar to naira in GTbank? How is the exchange rate of dollar to naira today in Gtbank? Gtbank Exchange rate?Gtbank naira mastercard exchange rate? Kindly take your time to share this article.

Over to you, how much is the dollar to Naira rate your bank charged you the last time you made a payment online?

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Updated: December 7, 2018 — 10:57 pm


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  1. Gtbank charged me 395.7naira on 15th Sept 2016 when I bought some stuffs online.

    1. As said in the article, what you will be charged on your Naira mastercard might little bit be more or less than (+ or – 2 Naira) what you see here. The exchange rate changes every minutes.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking your time to comment tee.

  2. I was charged 24,190 naira to 59 US dollars on my GT Bank Naira Mastercard, which is equivalent to 410 naira per 1 dollar. This is seriously outrageous. Something has to be done to stop this exploitative act Nigerian Banks are doing to their customers. I came across a thread about same issue on nairaland, a guy made transaction with his GT Bank naira Mastercard and was charged a rate more than the official dollar rate. Unfortunately later on the transaction was canceled and he had to be refunded, but surprisingly GT bank refunded him at official dollar rate.
    I wonder how Nigeria could ever be better again.

    1. Most banks charge at black market rate and gtbank is even better. I am still against charging far above official rate though. I have never faced the issue of refunding at an official rate after been charge at their own bank rate, the guy should make gtbank aware of the situation, demand for a full refund and apology from them.

  3. Hi…my aunty is sending us some money through money gram. we want to know the exchange rate to which we’ll receive the money since the banks won’t pay us in dollar. We checked in diamond bank and the lady said she doesnt know that its around 315 to a dollar. I’m wondering how other banks’rate is different. its just a little money we want to use to travel and we’ll end up converting it back to dollars. So if bank pay us at 315 and wen we change it back to dollars at 470 or so from black market cos bank won’t give us… the money will just cripple.

    Pls help Us. What do you advice?

    1. That’s not a good idea, receiving in Naira and converting to dollar again. If you have someone with domiciliary account, that will be the best move.

    2. If possible, ask your sister to procure the tickets and pay for it there in dollars. That way you won’t be losing so much and become crippled.

  4. The last time I used my card,they charged me 450,but since last week I can’t use my card again,they said I have used up to my limit.frm 4th to 14th,I have used $149.I want to know their rate as st 19th oct,and I want to know also,if I go to the store this week,can I use my card,in other not to b embarrass again

  5. Oga ooo, am even afraid to transact now coz I don’t know which they will do thus time around ,the last time I made a transaction online is 380 from Stanbic bank ,and tat was about two month ago

    1. If you are banking with Gtb, take your time to visit this page and check the current exchange rate before you proceed with your transaction.

  6. I actually became curios about what Gtb online shopping rate is.Gtb is not supposed to be using the black market rate.that is a rip off and very unprofessional.CBN and other regulators of this economy should be made to be aware of this.we shouldn’t stop here but must go out and complain on all social media.They should be stopped .I have also been a victim and I have since stopped online shopping.

  7. GT Bank is still trying in relation to other banks in Nigeria.Majority,if not all with the exception of GT Bank have placed a total ban on Visa and Mastercard naira denominated on buying goods globally.

  8. Abdussamad Ahmad Ibrahim

    Like that set the dollar rate static
    GT Bank: 320
    Access: 325
    I made several purchases online from November – December
    Am charged at that rate.

  9. I made two online transactions this month, and I have been charged N387 per dollar. This is seriously discourage!

  10. I have an international card in US dollars and I want to use it on a GTB ATM, may I know the rate.

    1. 1$ – 315 Naira.

      1. I really appreciate you this exchange platform because it updates me with current rates.
        I would please like to be getting correspondences as regards current updates on exchange rate from your organization.


  11. Olamide Mobolaji-Thompson

    I made a purchase sometimes last week on gtbank mastercard and the exchange was N401 or thereabout but yesterday Friday, 16th June, it was N391 or thereabout too.

    To me this is a rip off, from an institution that is supposedly to be monitored.

    1. Switch to eco if you do international business a lot.GTB almost gave me a heart attack with their outrageous exchange rate.

  12. Hi,I got an admission at UK university & I want to pay my tuition fees& first bank told me the exchange to naria(1=469.8).This is the same with black market… I need an advice on what to do…

  13. This is still very high…

    1. Yeah it is, but compare to other banks, it’s not.

  14. I’m applying for admission in American university & I want to pay my application fees, I went to Access bank for an enquiry but seems the receptionist I meet did not know much bcos he told me that I can use my naira account to pay the $ fee but I have tried it severally but it is not working. Must I have to open domiciliary account? I need an advice on what to do…

    1. If it is a must you have to pay with a debit or credit card, then you will have to open a domiciliary account (gtbank preferably) not only for the application fees but also it will save you a lot of stress when you get to the US. Good luck.

  15. pls moderator
    can I still buy dollars from any commercial bank I heard they don’t sell dollars again its that true?.urgent response pls

  16. Hiya, I want to withdraw from my dorm account but want them to transfer to my GTB saving account. How much do you think they’ll do per dollar?

  17. I was charged 2988 Naira on a 3.98 usd purchase on my zenith naira mastercard just few minutes ago, I mean how did they come about this amount? I feel so cheated on

    1. About 750 Naira per dollar? That’s bad. Are you sure you didn’t made the transaction twice? You should reach Zenith bank customer care immediately to find out why.

    2. Hi sorry to hear this but am hoping you Please don’t sweep this under the rug.Go to the bank and ask for explanations.CBN gotta hear this.

  18. Hi,I used my Gtb card today and was charged 368naira per dollar. I used to use ecobank and was shocked so I immediately switched back to eco.

  19. Between, when I used eco, like two days ago it was 361naira per dollar.Am so disappointed in Gtb and all the other banks defrauding people.

  20. Please, how much is exchange rate to dollar, i want to pay for application fee online from my gtb great saver account to dollar,please was the exchange rate through this mode of transaction

    1. 365 Naira for a US Dollar

  21. Gtbank is fraud. I paid tuition of £10,600 pounds. I filled form A and other documentary processes in Naija. Official Exchange rate told me at Trans Amadi (MotherCart) branch, Port Harcourt on Oct 5,2018 was N472 to a pound sterling. I concluded all paper work & authorised them to debit my naira account accordingly,informing dem of my travel to the UK the next day.
    I arrived UK, discovered outrageous debit and wen I contacted them, I was told they e changed at N482.50.
    Is Dat not fraud?

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