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Gtbank Mobile Banking App {Old & GTWorld}

Mobile banking is a form of banking that allow financial institution (e.g bank) customers to perform transactions via mobile application or ussd code. Gtb mobile banking can be via gtbank mobile app or gtbank 737. gtbank mobile banking app

One of my previous article extensively covered all you need to know about gtb 737 simple banking.

This article on the other hand will throw more light on guaranty trust bank mobile banking apps.

There are currently two (2) gtbank mobile app on play store and iOS. The old mobile app and Gtworld which is the new and better app.

Although there is another app on play store named bank 737, but i won’t be talking about it because in my opinion it contradict the primary objective of gt 737 code.

You don’t agree? Okay let me explain myself. The main reason bank ussd codes were introduced was to take banking to customers without access to internet enabled phones. And bank 737 app contradict that.

Gtbank mobile banking app can be use to perform financial transactions 24 hours everyday. It is faster, easier, secure and user friendly.

Gtbank Mobile App

Why gtbank decide to leave both apps on Android and iOS store is still a mystery to me.

I mean they can just do what access bank did. Which was rebuilding the old app to give better user experience, introduce more features and made it more secure.

Gtworld is no doubt a better mobile app compare to the old one but they didn’t need to rename it and when they did, they could have just removed the old one from play store.

At first, i thought because gtworld support biometric sign in, it won’t work on older Android phones without fingerprint scanner.

But to my surprise, i installed it on my xiaomi redmi note 2 (early 2017) and it worked. Though i love the app better while using it on redmi note 4.

In case you know why gtb left the 2 apps on play and apple store, you can share with us using the comment box.

Gtbank Mobile Banking App Features

Gtworld come with all the features of the old app and more. Below are the features of the old app and features/benefit of using gtworld.

Features of Old GTB Mobile Banking App

  • Transfer funds (inter & intra).
  • Data and airtime purchase (self & third party).
  • Bills payment.
  • Check account(s) balance (accounts for multiple account holders).
  • Request statement of account.
  • Manage (hotlist or request) credit & debit cards (master, visa).
  • Manage profiles.
  • Book hotels, pay for flight tickets & events space booking.

Features of GTWorld

All the above features of the old app plus.

  • FX transfers (for domiciliary account holders).
  • Check balance(s), buy airtime and transfer funds without signing in.
  • Transfer funds using just phone number.
  • You can login and complete any transactions with biometric (facial recognition or fingerprint).
  • Salary account holders can apply for loans.
  • Send statements of account to any embassy or your email address.
  • Open and manage new accounts.
  • Locate gtbank nearby branches and ATM.
  • Cardless Withdrawal.
  • Apply for Gtbank Dollar Card.
  • GTtraffic: Know the best path to your destination.

Advantages of Gtworld Over Old Gtbank Mobile App

Below are the major features of gtworld absent in the old app.

  • User Interface: Full redesigning makes gtworld more user friendly.
  • Sign in Options: You can choose to login with User ID & password or registered email address & password or biometric (finger print and iris scan).
  • Authentication/Verification: Gtworld allow you to complete any transaction with biometric, mobile PIN and token.
  • Mobile Money & Gaps Lite: The old app is half mobile banking app & half mobile wallet. It is a 2 in 1 app. Gtworld help get rid of the mobile wallet part and replace it with Gaps. I hardly make use of both and my believe is most people don’t.
  • Transaction without Signing In: That’s correct, you can transfer funds, recharge airtime and check account balance without signing in. Isn’t that awesome?

There are more as you can see above, but these are the major ones.

Where to Download Gtbank Mobile Banking Apps.

Both gtbank mobile apps are available for Android and iOS users. But Gtworld isn’t available for blackberry and windows phone users.

How to Download Gtworld

One awesome thing about Gtworld is that it combine the functions of Gtbank *737* mobile banking USSD codes and internet banking.

Navigate to Android and iOS store and search for Gtworld. It will filter out this app. Tap on download to install it on your device.

However, the download links below might be helpful. You can download directly, you don’t need an apk file.

  • iOS (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gtworld/id1227647130?mt=8)
  • Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gtbank.gtworldv1&hl=en)

How to Download Old Gtb Mobile Banking App

This app is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry OS and Windows OS users. Go to your device app store and search for gtbank app. It will filter it out.

If you face any difficulty downloading this app for Android and iOS, you can request for the direct download link using the comment box.

Once you have installed the application, you need to activate it before you can start using it.

How to Activate Gtbank App

Activation method is the same for two (2) mobile banking applications.

If you have registered and active on gtbank internet banking, you can sign in using your internet banking user id or email address and password.

If not, follow the steps below.

  • Launch the installed gtbank mobile banking app.
  • Tap on Sign Up >> Get online banking details.
  • Input your account number, atm card pin & 5 or 6 digit OTP received on your alertz number.
  • You will then be asked if the current device is your preferred device. Choosing Yes will lock your account to that device while No means you can login on any other device.
  • Choose final transaction authentication method (Token or Pin). You can change this later via settings.

The app is now ready for use on mobile banking.

Do you think am missing something regarding gtbank mobile banking app in this article? Kindly call my attention to it in the comment below. Don’t forget to share this article using the sharing buttons below.

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  1. Please Gtworld app is asking me if i will like to enrol Biometric Authentication which i did not know what it means

    1. Biometric authentication means they are asking you if you want to be able to confirm or complete each transaction with fingerprint authentication, iris scanning or Face Unlock. You can choose the one supported by your phone.

  2. My GTWORLD app stopped working on my android phone. I have deleted and re downloaded over and over again but it is still not opening. Pls help

  3. Thanks for the article. It keeps saying that the OTP is invalid and that I should generate another one. I try to generate but it is still saying thesame thing.. please what should I do

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