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How to Fund SwissCoin Account/E-Wallet To Purchase Educational Packs

How to Fund SwissCoin Account/E-Wallet To Purchase Educational Packs.

In this article you will learn how to easily fund swisscoin account or e-wallet in Nigeria and anywhere in the world. You can fund your swiss coin wallet using bitcoin wallet, Payza, Swift, Sepa, OKPay etc. I find it easier using bitcoin and transfer from another swiss-coin account.

PayPal, Payoneer and Payeer are expected to be accepted as a method of payment of funding swiss-coin account soon. Though PayPal was earlier accepted before the mining commenced in June 2016.

As stated in our previous article where we fully review swiss-coin and introduced it as a new digital currency set to challenge the monopoly of bitcoin in the world of cryto-currency. We also talked about swiss coin registration/sign up, login and price. Swiss coin value is expected to reach €5 by 2018 currently (December 2016) trading at €0.1 euro.

Steps to Fund SwissCoin Account Using Bitcoin E-Wallet.

Even though there are other payment gateway with which you can fund your swiss-coin e-wallet, i find bitcoin (btc) to be the easiest and safest. Below is a definite guide with images on how you can fund swisscoin account with bitcoin e-wallet.

Step 1: Secure/Set Up a Free Bitcoin E-Wallet.

This is the first step to funding swisscoin account. You need a bitcoin e-wallet with which you can use to buy and sell bitcoin. create a bitcoin wallet

  • Navigate to and click on Wallet tab.
  • Click on the Create a Free Bitcoin Wallet button.
  • Enter the necessary details for registration and activate your account from your email address.
  • Log in to your bitcoin wallet and makes necessary security set up.

Step 2: Buy Bitcoin Equivalent of SwissCoin Packs you Wish to Buy.

Assuming you want to purchase the €500 educational pack, you need to buy bitcoin equivalent of €500. You can calculate that using the current bitcoin to dollar exchange rate of the merchant you want to buy from. For Nigerians, you need to first convert the amount of swisscoin pack you wish to buy to dollar and then to Naira. fund swisscoin account or wallet

  • You can buy bitcoin with Naira or dollar from trusted sellers like,,,,
  • Assuming you want to buy the €500 pack, go to and enter 500 euro to dollar. It will calculate and display the dollar equivalent of €500 which is $522.62.
  • Navigate to any of the aforementioned bitcoin sellers, check their selling rate of 1 bitcoin to dollar and purchase $522.62 worth of bitcoin.
  • Once your bitcoin e-wallet account has been funded, login to your swisscoin account.

For Nigerians, let’s do some calculation. sells $1 equivalent of bitcoin for N500, remember you need $522.62 dollar to purchase €500 euro pack.

$1 worth of btc = N500 Naira (naira4dollar rate December 25 2016).

$522.62 worth of btc = X.

X = N500 x $522.62/$1 = N261,310 Naira.

You need N261,310 Naira to purchase swiss coin €500 euro educational pack. Hope you know you can purchase educational pack for as low as €25.

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Step 3: Purchase an Educational Pack.

After funding your btc wallet with equivalent amount of educational pack you wish to buy, the next step is to fund swisscoin account with bitcoin e-wallet. buying swisscoin packs

  • Login to your Swisscoin dashboard.
  • From the left side bar of your dashboard, navigate to Shop >> Buying Packs. Add the pack you want to purchase to cart. add swisscoin pack to cart
  • Click/Tap on Check out and select bitcoin as your method of payment and you will be provided with a Receiver BITCOIN account. checkout cart
  • Now open a new tab on your browser and login to the bitcoin account you earlier funded. receiver bitcoin address
  • Click on Send. Then copy & paste the Receiver BITCOIN account address in to the To tab and enter the amount of btc you want to transfer. Make the transfer and wait to be notified of successful transaction. fund swisscoin with bitcoin

Step 4: Notify SwissCoin of your Transaction.

In step 3 above, you have only successfully sent bitcoin equivalent of the pack you want to buy into Swisscoin’s bitcoin e-wallet. You need to mail to notify them of your transaction by providing them with below details as proof of payment.

Once they confirm/verify your payment, only then will your swisscoin account be funded.

You need to provide the following as proof of payment. bitcoin transactions

  • Your Bitcoin address from which the transfer was made and the transaction ID. You can get them by Login in to your Bitcoin account and click on transaction. blockchain transaction details
  • Your Swisscoin Username and your Surname/First Name. They are both in My Data. sample of bitcoin address
  • The amount you sent.
  • Finally, the time of transaction.

Mail the above details to and your swisscoin e-wallet will be funded in less than 24 hours.

That’s all on how to fund swisscoin account using bitcoin e-wallet.

Other Method of Funding Swisscoin Account.

Even though bitcoin is the easiest of all method listed on swisscoin as method of payment, the fastest and safest way is to buy from your up-line or another swisscoin member.

You don’t need bitcoin address or any other thing like that, only your username. You can pay with PayPal or by local bank transfer if you are in the same country.

He/She will fund your Swisscoin wallet and you can buy an educational pack with your e-wallet.

Note: Please make sure the person is someone you have done business with before or trust to avoid stories that touch.

I believe you should have no problem to fund swisscoin account in Nigeria or any other country. Kindly share this article using the social sharing buttons below.

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