How to Pay for DsTv with 737 and Gtbank Online Method


There are numerous ways by which you can pay for your satellite Tv or let me say renew your subscription. In this write up, i will be talking about how you can pay for dstv with 737 which is gtbank mobile banking ussd code that does not require internet connection.

So here is the deal.

You want to renew your current dstv subscription plan and you do not want to use quick teller which i think is the fastest, easiest and most efficient.

Well, there are numerous other options and one of them is using mobile code like 737 for gtbank.

Also, another effective means using your bank is via internet banking or mobile banking app.

In this write up, i will explain how you can do it using both the the code and internet / mobile banking app.

Before you use any of this method, make sure your decoder is On and switch to channel 157 (African Magic Yoruba).

Pay for DsTv with 737

  • Dial *737*dstv_smart_card_number# and follow the on screen guide.
  • So let’s say your smart card number is 0123456789, all you have to do is dial *737*0123456789# and from the page that comes up, follow the instruction given to you.
  • Some of this instruction will include choosing which package you want to pay for and entering your authentication PIN.

This instruction changes from time to time and that is why I did not put any specific one above.

Another method is the use of internet banking platform or a mobile banking app as explained below. Unlike the one above, they require internet access and smartphone or a PC.

Pay DsTv Gtbank Online

  • Visit
  • Click on internet banking and login with your details provided to you at point of registration
  • On the left side bar, click on Cable Tv
  • Then click on select for DsTv/GoTv
  • Click on the “Make New Payment ” tab
  • Enter your smartcard number and choose the package you want to pay for
  • You will then be redirected to the payment page
  • Confirm your transaction by entering the answer to your security question and your hard ware token generated character.
  • Your viewing should be renewed in less than 15 minutes. if it doesn’t text “RA Smart_card_number” to 30333.

The step / process is almost the same if you are using a mobile banking app as explained below.


Renew DsTv with GTB Mobile App

  • Login to GTWorld
  • Tap on Payment
  • Then, tap on Cable Tv
  • Select the account you want the payment to be debited from (if you have more than one account with them)
  • Under Category, select DsTv/GoTv and tap on Continue
  • Enter your smartcard number, select the package you want and submit
  • Confirm the transaction with your PIN / Token
  • Your viewing should be restored in 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

Wrapping Up

You need to renew your dstv subscription once in a month or every 30 days to be precise. You will need a payment platform or gateway to do that and one of such ways is the gtbank mobile banking app, internet banking platform and ussd code.

This article has helped to simplify how you can easily make dstv payment using gtbank 737 and other platform the bank has made available.

Meaning, there are also good alternative to making dstv payment using quickteller platform in Nigeria today.

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This article was most recently revised and updated on May 7, 2021