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How to Resume Youtube Videos on Firefox and Chrome Browser

How to Resume Youtube Videos on Firefox and Chrome Browser.

Youtube is Google’s official video streaming/sharing website and currently the second most visited site in the world after the search giant itself (Google). Many individuals, organizations, start-up businesses, blogger/webmasters etc. have their own youtube channels to share more about their product & services in videos. This article is a guide on how you can resume youtube videos using firefox and chrome browser. resume youtube videos

Many make money through their youtube channels while some choose not to or probably do not know how. However, our emphasis is not on who makes money or who doesn’t, but on how to enjoy watching youtube videos in a more convenient way.Today, i will pilot you through a simple step by step guide to automatically or manually resume videos from where you left off.

How to Resume Youtube Videos with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

There are occasions when you were in the middle of an interesting movie and ran out of data plan or lost WIFI signal. Probably you do not ran out of data plan, but have something more important to attend to. Whatever makes you stop watching the video, you will have to start searching for where you left off the next time and that waste a lot of time and data bundles if you are using one.

You do not have to go through such stress anymore as this tutorial guide you on how to start your movie from where you left off anytime you decided to continue. How? Continue reading.

1.) Resume Youtube Videos Using Video Resumer Extension/Adds on.

This method is actually more preferable to the second method. It works perfectly with Mozilla firefox and Google chrome.

  • To use this method, you must have a youtube video resumer plugin/extension installed on your browser.
  • Firefox & Chrome browser users should navigate to their respective extension/adds on page, then download and install video resumer.
  • After downloading the plugin/extension, install it on your browser and play any video you want.
  • Close the video and even the browser after watching for some seconds, load your browser and play the same video again.
  • Let me know if the youtube video resumes in the comment box or not.

2.) Resume Youtube Videos Without Plugin or Extension.

This method is a little bit stressful, but it requires no plug-in or extension.

  • How does this works? Play any video of your choice and at any point in time you wish to stop watching the movie, copy the URL of the video at current time.
  • To copy the URL of the movie at current time, right click on the video >> click on the option that says “Copy video URL at current time”. Keep the copied URL save
  • To continue from where you left off, copy the URL at the saved location, paste it to your browser’s Address bar and Hit Enter.
  • From now on, i don’t think you should have any problem to resume Youtube videos.

Do you like this tutorial? If yes, then share with your friends and save them the stress of manual resuming. That’s it on how to resume youtube videos on Mozilla firefox and Chrome browser.

Updated: January 4, 2018 — 5:48 am

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