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Infinix Hot S Vs Infinix Note 3 Pro Specs, Review and Price in Nigeria 2018

Infinix Hot S Vs Infinix Note 3 Pro Specs, Review and Price in Nigeria.

Face off battle between Infinix Hot S Vs Infinix Note 3 Pro.

Infinix mobility has released more than four smart phones which include Hot S and Note 3 Pro since the beginning of 2016.

More phones are expected to be released including infinix Zero 4. This article will compare two of the latest infinix smartphones using their specs and Price in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana.

Infinix Hot S X521 and Infinix Note 3 Pro X537 Specs and Price in Nigeria.

Opening Statement.

Infinix hot S is one of the newly released smartphones from infinix mobility, it is the first Africa local smartphone to support virtual reality and first infinix phone with finger print scanner as a security measure. infinix hot s vs infinix note 3 pro

It comes in two variant with discrepancies only in RAM and internal memory.

infinix note 3 pro is the latest infinix phone. Its rumored specs and images has been circulated on the internet weeks before its official launch. infinix note 3 pro vs infinix hot s

It is packed with awesome specs, tech breakthrough. It has a lower version with less Ram and processor.

Similarities and Differences Between Infinix Hot X521 and Infinix Note X537.

Both device comes with awesome specs and this article will help you determine which of the two phones is worth putting your money on.

Infinix Hot S Vs Infinix Note 3 Pro Design.

  • Both Infinix Hot S and Note 3 pro rocks a full metal body with finger print scanner below the rear camera.
  • Hot S is a 5.2-inch FHD display smartphone while Note 3 Pro is a 6.0-inch FHD display smartphone.
  • Both infinix smartphones comes with 1920 X 1080 pixels screen resolution.
  • Hot X521 pixel density is 424 PPI while Note 3 pro pixel density is 368 PPI.

Infinix Hot S Vs Infinix Note 3 Pro Operating System.

Both device runs on infinix custom firmware (XOS) based on Android 6.0 marshmallow.

Infinix Hot S Vs Infinix Note 3 Pro Processor.

The Hot S is powered by a 64 bit Octacore Mediatek MT6753 processor with 1.8GHz clocked speed. Its processing power is supported by Mali-T860 GPU.

Infinix Note 3 Pro on the other hand is powered by Helio X10 Octa core MT6795 processor with up to 1.3GHz clocked speed. Its processor is supported by Mali T720 GPU.

Infinix Hot S Vs Infinix Note 3 Pro Memory.

Hot S X521 comes in two variant, there is 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory version and there is a 3GB RAM and 32GB Rom version. Both has a memory space that support up to 128GB SdCard.

Note 3 Pro X537 features a 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory. It also comes with an SDcard slot of up to 128GB.

Infinix Hot S Vs Infinix Note 3 Pro Camera.

Infinix Hot X521 comes with a 13MP rear camera with dual led flash and auto focus while its front facing camera is 8MP with led flash.

Infinix Note X537 rocks an amazing 13MP rear camera with PDAF, dual led flash and 5MP front camera with soft flash.

Infinix Hot S Vs Infinix Note 3 Pro Battery.

A 3000mAh Li-Po battery is spotted on the infinix hot s while Infinix note 3 pro comes with a large 4500 mAh Li-Po battery with fast charge technology.

Infinix Hot S Vs Infinix Note 3 Pro Connectivity.

Both device supports 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, Dual Micro Sim, Bluetooth v4.1, microUSB v2.0, A-GPS, USB Type-C, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, WiFi direct and hotspot.

Infinix Hot S and Infinix Note 3 Pro Price 2018.

You can get infinix Hot S on Konga and Jumia between N50,000 – N60,000 naira.

Infinix Note 3 Pro is currently available now on Konga for 58,000 – 63,000 Naira.


With the above comparison, infinix Note 3 Pro is a better smartphone than Infinix Hot S. It has a bigger screen, slightly better processor and larger battery.

But infinix Hot S is also a great device if the price is not on your side. Note 3 X601 would have been a better match to Hot S.

That’s all on Infinix Hot S Vs Infinix Note 3 Pro. Let us know what you think in the comment box below.

Updated: April 3, 2018 — 11:38 pm


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  1. But is there any different between note3 and note 3 pro?, Bcoz the features stated was different from each others and I will be much pleasure if u can do the front camera with at least 10 MP and the HD screen as well

    1. Yes, there are. Note 3 features 13MP rear camera, 5 MP front camera, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, 1.3GHz Octa core MediaTek MT6573 processor and Mali T20 GPU.

      Note 3 pro features 16MP rear camera, 8MP front camera, 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM, 2.0GHz Octa core Helio X10 MT6795 processor and PowerVR G6200 GPU.

      Every other thing are the same for the two devices.

  2. I’ll like to buy the infinix note 3 pro, can tell me when it is out in Nigeria

  3. Please let me know when is out and the price and furthermore make it available at slot

    1. Sure thing bro.

  4. please I would like to know when the note 3 Pro is available in Nigeria especially on Jumia or Konga. thanks.

    1. Alright boss, will do.

  5. I think the Note 3 sold for N58,000? How much do you reckon the Note 3 pro would sell for?

  6. infinix note 3 pro has removable or non removable battery?

    1. It is non removable Sir. Sorry for the late reply.

  7. nice one from infinix,i hope d note3 pro ll be out soon.

  8. till now note 3 pro is not out why?
    notify me anyday it available in Nigeria!!

  9. Pls i need explanation to fingerprint scanner… does that mean ur can’t open ur lock security.

  10. Pls i need explanation to fingerprint scanner… does that mean ur wife can’t open ur lock security.

    1. Yes, she won’t be able to. But then nothing is 100% certain or secure when it comes to technology and security.

      Biometric devices uses a reader or scanning device to scanned biological data like fingerprint, facial etc., a software that converts the scanned information into digital form and compares match points and a database that stores the data for comparison. This data are usually encrypted to prevent identity theft.

      To convert the biometric data, the software identify specific points of data as match points. The match points in the database are processed using an algorithm that translates that information into a numeric value. The database value is then compared with the biometric input the end user has entered into the scanner and authentication is either approved/granted or denied.

      The working principle of biometric remains the same, no matter what methodology is employed. That is, a record of human’s unique biological data is captured and kept in database and when verification is required, a new record is captured and compared with the previous one in the database. If it matches, it confirms the identity. It is a more secure means of identification or authorization to password.

  11. I like the note 3 pro that what am waiting for. When will it be out on the market?

    1. I will update the post when it does.

  12. When is note 3 pro likely to be launched? Any idea?

    1. No. Probably by ending or early October.

  13. Infinix note 3 pro with 16g of rom and 3g of ram is out in Ghana. I want find out if this model is original pls.

    1. Infinix note 3 pro has not been launched anywhere, but we are expecting it to be before the ending of this month.

  14. Please when will the infinix note 3 pro will be out in Nigeria because I wanted to go for infinix note 3 before till when I found out that they have note 3 pro. Please I really want to know so I can keep money until the note 3 pro is out. Thanks

    1. Not sure when it is going to be release, but we are expecting it before ending of this month.

  15. Please I want to know how much will infinix note 3 pro cost in Nigeria.

  16. Please do let me know when the Note 3 Pro is out.Thanks

  17. Please thus it mean the Infinix note 3 pro on the Ghanaian market is a fake…Because i wanted to go and buy some soon.

  18. Pls, I have infinix note 2 for self, who’s interested so I can go for the infinix note 3 pro
    You can reach me on 08036124391.
    Thank you.

  19. How do i differenciate between the hot s 2GB ram from that of 3GB ram? thanks.

    1. It will be on the box. But if you don’t trust that, you can tell them to fire On the phone for you. Then navigate to Settings >> About phone. Check for the amount of RAM.

  20. Please does infinix note 3 pro support 4G LTE ?

      1. What of the infinix note 3 ?

        1. Yes, it also supports 4G LTE.

  21. pls, some said samsung j7(2016) is better than infinix note 3 pro…what do uthink? which should i go for?

  22. I’m interested in infinix note 3 pro, please inform me when it’s on sale in Nigeria, thanks

  23. please i want to confirm if infinix note 3 pro in out in nigeria now and what is the price?

  24. Please is note 3 Pro out for sales?

  25. Please is infinix note 3 pro is it out in Nigeria Cox I want to buy

  26. Do Infinix Note 3 suport 4G?

      1. plz is infinix note 3 pro out at America

  27. Is the Note 3 pro out? and please can you give a forecast on the price?

  28. Please let me know when the infinix note3pro comes out here in nigeria and the price and where to get the original one.
    My number is +2348036124391
    Also,my email is
    Waiting to hear from you please..

  29. Pls e note 3 wen will e cover come, bcoz i bought mine without any case ….

  30. Isn’t there an official date for the unveiling of the pro version? Why the prolonged suspense? And why does Kenya have to possess the mobile first? It’s high time we got rewarded for our unfeinting patience.Thanks.

  31. How is lounching infinix x537 in Pakistan?

  32. Tired of waiting for this pro since September and it never seems coming expect the fakes in some Africa countries ,like Ghana & Kenya . As for me I can forecast the price from 70-84k Naira . But pls why do they have to downgrade the battery capacity from 4500MAH of N3 to 3000MAH of N3P ,wickedness or market strategy? lol

    Oyibo and their magical way steps ,they never stopping …
    Thanks for your nice work bro..

  33. someone as the note3 pro in abia state but it I don’t no where he got it from ,but when it officially launch in Nigeria pls let me no as well I was told it will. one out 1st week of December

    1. Note 3 pro is already in Nigeria, but in limited stock. I will let you know when jumia, konga or slot have it for sale.

  34. Pls,i want to confirm if infinix note 3 pro is available in nigeria,and with what exactly price,pls let me know now.

  35. Pls i want to know the real price of hot s and note 3

    1. Infinix Note 3 = N62,000 Naira.
      Infinix Hot S = N53,500. Both currently available on jumia.

  36. can I flash my infinix note 3 , I came back to see my baby touching it now I can’t open my …. phone

    1. So sorry for that Ma’am, i also used to be like that. What do you mean by you can’t open your phone? Is it that it is not turning On or what?

  37. Please do infinix note 3 support 4g, please i need a good answer for that

    1. No, but the pro version does.

  38. Do you now have the update on when INFINIX NOTE 3 PRO will be available in Nigeria?

  39. Please you posted a specification of note 3 pro, sometime in September.
    Note 3 pro features 16MP rear
    camera, 8MP front camera, 3GB
    RAM, 32GB ROM, 2.0GHz Octa core
    Helio X10 MT6795 processor and
    PowerVR G6200 GPU.
    Is it the actual specification? I need clearance on this . Thanks.

  40. Please how much is infinix note3 pro now and does it really feature 16mp rear camera and 8mp front camera? Thanks

    1. Infinix note 3 pro is still not available in Nigeria. Nope, its rear camera is 13MP while the front facing camera is 5MP.

  41. Can u give us the latest info about the infinix note 3 pro, whither it is out or not, because am interested in buying the phone.

    1. Infinix note 3 pro was only available in a limited stock here in Nigeria.

  42. Please does the Note 3 pro support the 4G LTE of GLO? I read somewhere that it does not support it, but supports the 4G of other networks. Please can anyone confirm, if this is true?

  43. Infinix note 3 pro’s front camera is 5MP and it comes with a 2GB RAM. The article you were talking about must be old and has not been updated lately.

  44. pls is the infinix note 3pro do hv 8mp front camera

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