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Inputting Plus – Undo and Redo Text On Android Device

Inputting Plus – Undo and Redo Text On Android Device.

Inputting Plus is an Android app that allows you to Undo and Redo text while typing on your Android device. This app can be very handy in frustrating moments when you mistakenly wipe off a long written text message or email. Inputting plus – undo and redo text on Android device. inputting plus - undo and redo text on Android device

This works just like the desktop’s CTRL +Z, Y, F, V. It does not only undo and redo text, it also helps find and replace text. It is so unfortunate that Google hasn’t integrated this necessary feature into their awesome Android operating system after all this years. However, what is most unfortunate is that the undo and redo feature is still not listed among the features of Android’s next version of operating system (Android 7.0) that will be released later this year. Meaning these features in question might not be official on Android OS for the next 12 months or more.

Inputting Plus – Undo and Redo Text on Android Device.

Till Google decided or feels it necessary to add the undo, redo, find and replace feature on Android operating system, a feature users have been craving for since 2010, you can make use of inputting plus to satisfy the need.

  • All you have to do is download and install the app from Play Store (
  • This app doesn’t store your data and it will appear on your notification panel as Inputting+ once it is installed.
  • Inputting+ is activated once it sense your keyboard is up and you are about to start typing, it works across major apps not Chrome and it tracks everything you type and edit.
  • Inputting + has gotten positive review from authoritative android/tech websites and blogs.

There you have it on inputting plus – undo and redo text on Android device. Your own personal review of inputting+ in the comment box. Kindly share this tutorial with the social button.

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Updated: December 5, 2016 — 8:59 pm

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