InterSwitch SafeToken OTP: Activate your ATM Card

Couple of months ago when Zoto was giving free N1000 zoto cash and 50 % cash back on every recharge through their app, most people were complaining they couldn’t complete the transaction because they can not generate safetoken OTP.

The reason was that their card has not been activated/registered for quickteller SafeToken. What OTP mean is One Time Password and it can either be 6 or 8 digit. safetoken otp

Most apps and websites like betting sites, online stores, remita etc that accept payment or have a payment button/link, route their transaction via quickteller’s interswicth web payment platform.

Here is the thing, anytime a transaction is initiated via interswitch payment platform, a 6-8 digit safe-token otp is automatically generated and sent to phone number registered to your bank account.

Quickteller one time password is a second verification/authentication means to prove you actually own that account and ATM card details (Card number, card expiry date, CVV2 code and sometimes PIN) you have previously entered. It is only after entering the OTP, you can then have a complete transaction.

Activating Safetoken is one way of making your atm card ready to perform both local and international transaction.

Other ways are linking your card to Nigerian PayPal account and opting in for your bank’s internet banking platform.

InterSwitch SafeToken OTP

You can either work to the nearest branch of your bank or a nearest ATM to register for otp. To activate your atm card for quickteller one time password on any atm in Nigeria, follow the steps below.

  • Visit a nearest ATM and insert your ATM card.
  • Type your 4-digit PIN and press Enter key.
  • Choose your bank account type. Either Savings or Current.
  • Look for Quickteller option from the ATM menu screen and select it.
  • Select Pay Bills from Quickteller menu options.
  • Select Others from the next screen options.
  • Enter 322222 as the Biller Code.
  • Enter your Phone Number as the Customer Reference Number, then press the Proceed button.
  • When you get a display Do you want to make this payment? Amount Due: N1, do not change amount to be paid. Just select/choose Pay amount due.

If successful, you will see a confirmation page. From now on, anytime you are paying via interswitch payment service platform or its affiliates, you will receive OTP to complete your transaction.

I did not went through all this stress to receive OTP though, i only register for gtbank internet banking, download their mobile app and choose method to complete transactions (PIN or receive OTP). I chose to receive OTP code and that’s all.


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