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iPhone 5S was launched together with iPhone 5C, with the mindset of reclaiming its lost glory as of the smartphone king in the global market, with outstanding specification. No wonder it comes with higher processor speed that is twice as fast as its predecessor, and with improved camera features, and the iOS 7 update, which acts as an icing on the cake for the device.

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Undisputable, Apple’s iPhone is one of the most anticipated and accessible globally. This is because the way Apple transforms people’s perception and the sense of honors, belonging, respect, and value, which makes people subscribe for the phone as soon as there is a new release of the smart gadget, despite a stiff market competition by manufacturers of smartphone products.

It was initially released in 2013, which by all smartphone standards, is an old smartphone, for it is closer to becoming five generations old in the Apple production line.

The implication of the smartphone product is regarding the cost price, which accordingly has fallen drastically because the device is obsolete and no longer a powerhouse smartphone when compared relatively with modern smartphones.

Little wonder Apple dropped the prices by £80 from £540 for the 16 GB model, which makes it stood the test of time, for it is compelling for Apple fans to make a budget for the smartphone.

5S is known to be very reliable and blisteringly fast. Loaded with twice the capacity of its predecessor, making its performance stable as well as its apps. The iOS 7 is a simple operating system, thou comes with a little limitation regarding customization, which makes some dislike the new design, but the more original iOS 8 runs flawlessly on it, and with better customization in mind, with the Apple app store, making the iOS a great platform.

One unique, original, and new specification of this smartphone is the introduction of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which is rightly positioned on the home button of the phone. The fingerprint scanner works brilliantly and allows users to unlock their phones without the use of the traditional imputation of their PIN or password.

iPhone 5S Price in Nigeria

The 5S from iPhone goes for £549 for the 16GB model, up to £709 for the 64GB one, while the 32GB model meets in the middle at £629. And, while it is pricey, there’s another thing to consider, iPhones retain their value very well with used 16GB 5S still selling for around N280,000 Naira in the Nigeria market.

5S Design & Display

It shares the same outward design with 5, which comes with a 4-inch screen and diamond-cut aluminum body that makes it elegant and slim, which makes them look identical, except some small change in their color variance.

The 5S only looks like its predecessor structurally, which makes it feel slimy and a bit uncomfortable at and except there is a leather pouch to friction it up. In weight, 5S weights10g lesser than 5, which is just 112g.

At the rear features, the camera and a double LED flash, while the front comes with a slim bezels screen, and the home button functions also as the fingerprint scanner. Other buttons are easy to get to using one hand without much stress with the phone.

One significant modification from most other phones is the positioning of the 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom, this looks odd at initial, but when considering some factors, it seems fresh and acceptable.

It screen is not different from its predecessor, which features the highly responsive 16:9 Retina-display 4-inch screen, with the display resolution of 1,136 x 640 with 326ppi screen density. To the human eye, it is pin-sharp, brighter, and crispy text look at all zoom levels.

It comes with one of the best screens on the market, despite that it lacks iterative display improvements because Apple removed a layer during the screen production process, which makes the images appear as if it flows on the screen. This is even more prominent when combined with the new iOS7 parallax wallpapers that shimmer under the icons as the 5S is moved.

5S Camera

On this ground, it shares similarities with 5, having 8 MP on board, but with some significant improvements to help manage image quality, especially in low-light conditions, which traditional phone cameras are weakened. The camera delivers accurate color and enough details, despite that it lacks image stabilization but software stabilization when pictures are taken in a dense lighted environment.

In the camera app, the shutter shoots at high speed of 10 shots per second ad infinitum. This, to me, is incredible especial for those desiring still pictures repeatedly for research detail. Although the image quality is slightly compromised when it takes a burst shoot speedily. The added features of the slow-motion mode, among others, had made the Video performance rock solid. The 8 MP camera and the app allow a 720p@120fps shooting rate.

The actual improvement for its camera is the ‘True Tone’ flashlight, which added an amber-colored LED flashlight when used in the dark, with the sole aim of improving the harsh tones and color inaccuracies replication of skin tones that are caused by white-LED flashlight.

Software, Hardware & Performance

Apple launched the iPhone 5C and 5S with the latest recapitulation of its mobile operating system, iOS 7, which is the most significant change since the arrival of the App Store in 2008 and comes with radical designs over the fussy previous design and improved battery life for users.

The device pose a significant improvement concerning power and general performance over the predecessor, iPhone 5. The A7 dual-core 1.3GHz processor with 1GB of RAM in the 5S sounds impressive, which enable the Apps to load promptly and 3D games processed right and speedily, providing the console with quality graphics. The browsing and graphics tests carried out on the CPU rated 5S to be faster than the Galaxy S4 by 40% and more than 100% faster in iPhone 5.

The A7 SoC (system on chip) dual-core processor is the first 64-bit mobile processor to be integrated on a mobile smartphone. The encryption of the Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner is the most obvious benefactor of 64-bits mobile processor, with some games and apps.

The inefficient way in processing all motion capturing data provided by sensor part of the smartphone (accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass) by the central processor, which requires much less processing unit power to manage, leads to the development of the A7 processor, which invariably conserve the battery to power the phone longer and more efficiently.

A7 also help alter the pinging of the phone for a network, when in an area with no network reception, which would have drained the battery drastically.

Fingerprint and Battery

Another innovation it comes up with is the introduction of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which subtly is integrated inside the metal ring roundabout the menu button.

The most appealing features about the fingerprint scanner are the flawless execution vis-à-vis with its location, when it comes in need, as most would have taken it out of mind, they have locked their smartphone while pressing the home button wakes up and unlock the phone simultaneously.

The fingerprint security layer works flawlessly on 5S, as is more secured to the traditional PIN or Symbol security layer because its biometrics, and it takes your present to have access to it, unlike when the password phrase and been can be guessed and hacked.
Although there are ways, the very determined can copy your fingerprints, for its highly implausible to worth the effort, for you can’t forget your fingers!

For the security mindedness, thinking how iPhone will manage the fingerprint database not to be hacked, Apple made it known during its launching that the Fingerprint scans are not uploaded into the cloud or anywhere, but stored locally, in one secure segment of the CPU, which is not accessible even to the user, except when needed.

Another intriguing instinct of the Touch ID is that its dual function. First, as phone best security layer, and also as your App store authorized purchase plague. Instead of the imputation of your credit card every time you want to check out from stores. Thou this is not an industrial-grade security measure, its more secure over the traditional security medium.

iPhone 5 had a limited battery life, which experiences an improvement in 5S by including the A7 SoC processor, which invariably record some varying degrees of success. For a more significant Screen resolution of such requires a much bigger battery size.

Notwithstanding, the fractional increase in battery size from 1440mAh to 1560mAh, which is about 8%, plus the touted iOS 7 processor efficiencies and efficiency improvements, brings a noticeable improvement in the battery longevity of the iPhone 5, which invariably can’t be compared with the iPhone 5, for it outwit it.


Apple iPhone 5s smartphone made its first introduction in September 2013, as a 4.00-inch touchscreen display, a resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels, an aspect ratio of 16:9, and 326 pixels per inch (PPI) density.

5s runs on 1.3GHz dual-core A7 SoC (64-bit ARMv8) processor and with 1GB of RAM, and packs 16GB of inbuilt storage, with a 1570mAh non-removable battery capacity, on iOS 7, upgradable to iOS 8

Considering the camera, it comes with an 8 MP rear camera with an aperture of f/2.2 and a pixel size of 1.5-micron, with autofocus setup, with a 1.2 MP selfie camera with an f/2.4 aperture.

Its connectivity options include Bluetooth v4.00 Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Lightning, GPS, 3G, and 4G Single Nano-SIM card, with ambient light sensor, accelerometer, compass/ magnetometer, proximity sensor, gyroscope, and a fingerprint sensor as the major sensor on the device.

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