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King Charles III Breaks Taboo, Supports Research into Monarchy’s Ties to Slavery

by NaijNaira
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King Charles III Breaks Taboo, Supports Research into Monarchy's Ties to Slavery

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In a groundbreaking move, King Charles III has expressed his support for research into the British monarchy’s ties to slavery.

This marks the first time a monarch in the United Kingdom has publicly acknowledged the need for such research.

The King’s statement comes after The Guardian newspaper published an article revealing a document from 1689 that showed the deputy governor of the Royal African Company transferred shares in the business to King William III.

The article is part of a series on the monarchy’s connection to the transatlantic slave trade and its wealth and finances.

King Charles III has stated that he wants to deepen his understanding of the enduring impact of slavery, particularly in the Commonwealth, which is made up mostly of former British colonies.

The Royal Household is supporting an independent research project led by a historian from the University of Manchester, with access to the Royal Collection and the Royal Archives.

The move comes amid growing criticism of the monarchy’s involvement in the country’s imperialist, slave-owning, and colonialist past, as well as accusations of racism within the Royal Family.

King Charles III has been vocal about the need to acknowledge and address this part of the country’s history, and his statement shows a continued commitment to this process.


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