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MIUI 7 ROM Features – Top 8

MIUI 7 ROM Features – Top 8.

Xiaomi unveiled the Global beta version of its new MIUI 7 ROM in new Delhi on August 19 2015, but the stable version of the MIUI ROM was released and started rolling out from October 27 2015. As usual, Xiaomi did not disappoint its users as MIUI 7 comes with much more overhauled UI, performance, improved battery life etc.

miui 7 rom features

MIUI 7 ROM comes with four new default themes (Rose, Pink Blush, Ocean Breeze, and High Life) to choose from, 10% increase in battery life, XXL font size, baby album, child mode, Auto DND integration with Mi band, Showtime and data saving features.

Top 8 Features of MIUI 7 ROM.

Below are the best features that rolled out with Xiaomi miui 7.


MIUI 7 comes with four new systems UI (themes) apart from the standard one. Rose, Pink Blush, Ocean Breeze, and High Life are the four new themes in MIUI 7 ROM that automatically changes how your graphic elements such as menus and icons would look like.

According to Xiaomi VP during the launch of MIUI 7 in New Delhi,

MIUI store now have over 15,000 themes with over 3.7 billion download as at August 19 2015.

Also, Xiaomi announced Muse, a new tool for designers to easily create new themes. You can set the lockscreen of any of these themes to show football livescores of your favorite team, live information about stocks etc. Xiaomi also made mention of licensing high-resolution images which automatically changes your lockscreen daily and can only be seen on the lockscreen, nowhere else on the phone.

Improved Battery Life and Speed.

Reduction in overall modem power consumption and restriction of background running of apps save up to 10 percent battery life, device response time in MIUI 7 ROM is now 30% faster when loading apps.

XXL Font Size.

One of the new awesome features that come with MIUI 7 ROM is the XXL text which makes the interface to correctly display larger fonts ie allows text to be readable no matter how big the font is, this makes the number of font size available in MIUI 7 five.

Baby Album.

This feature of MIUI 7 ROM automatically recognizes babies in photos and groups those pictures together so they are easy to flip through or view as a slideshow on your lockscreen. Apart from babies, it uses face-recognition to group pictures. Assuming you have your photos, your child’s own and your sister’s on your device, this MIUI 7 UI feature will automatically group them into three different folders.

Child Mode.

This is a nice feature integrated into MIUI 7 ROM for parent with small children. Putting your device in child mode will let you select which apps can be accessed by your child which will prevent them from mistakenly un-installing some apps or deleting important information. It simply control how much access your kids get while accessing the phone.

Auto DND (Do Not Disturb).

According to the company’s VP during the launch of MIUI 7 ROM in India,

Your Mi Band knows when you are asleep, why can it tell your phone not to disturb you?

and that was what brought in the auto DND feature. This feature automatically mutes your handset when it detects that you’re asleep if paired with your Mi Band.

Show Time.

This feature allows you to record and assign five second video to a contact. The video is what shows up when the contact call you instead of the usual static image. You just got to love this MIUI 7 ROM new feature.

Data Saver.

Xiaomi revealed their partnership with opera max to reduce data usage on mobile and Wi-Fi connections by up to 50% across several apps which include YouTube, Instagram and Facebook using their data compression technology.

MIUI 7 ROM Features Released specifically for India.

Below features are exclusive to MIUI users in India.

  • Visual IVR; Allows you to navigate IVR menus of over 50 service providers by showing all menu options on-screen.
  • SMart SMS Filter; Which collates all service messages from banks, e-commerce promotions and others into a single tab, which prevents your regular inbox from getting cluttered.
  • Quick OTP (One Time Password); Which allows you to quickly copy an incoming OTP as soon as you get the notification from your bank.

What is your take on MIUI 7 ROM Features – Top 8? And don’t forget to share. MIUI 8 is already in its beta stage, but only the China version is available for now.

Updated: August 19, 2018 — 12:01 pm

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